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Sweet Summertime

11 Aug

I fail at blogging during the summer, apparently. Haha. I actually have kept pretty busy the entire summer though, which I love…I always have the desire to be productive and keep moving! I’ve been working up a storm…lifeguarding most days of the week during this summer of 100-degree temps(!) and teaching Spinning at the gym a few times a week. Last week, my family was *finally* on vacation at the beach for the week. It. was. so. nice. We all did what we do best at the beach: relax, sit on the beach, drink, and take lots of bike rides (and take advantage of the gorgeous surroundings and run a lot, in my case!). Nights In Rodanthe house, anyone?

We had a great week at the beach…I’m really bummed that its back to reality this week! And law school orientation starts next Monday! Crazy how quickly this summer has gone by…maybe law school will go by quickly too?! haha

I think I’m going to join the ranks of society this week—I’m finally going to get a CrackBerry! ;) I think it’ll be really nice to be able to check my email at any time, especially since I seem to always use email constantly throughout the day. It’s nice to have internet access from your phone too…I’m clearly behind the times with my plain ol’ cell phone that is capable of…texting and taking photos, and not much else. haha. I’m thinking of this one:

Hopefully I’ll be technologically up-to-date by the end of this week! ;)



You Spin My Head Right ‘Round

21 Jul

This has been my second official week of teaching Spinning/Group Cycle, and I’m LOVING it so far. I’ve taken Spin for years and always thought I’d like to try out teaching the class and so here I am! Its crazy that I’m finally doing what I’ve dreamed of for the longest time, and I really enjoy it :) My class just seems to go by so quickly…but not without some hard work involved! We were all sweaty messes today…I’m just glad that I’m able to help people get a good workout in to start their day! I’ve been in their shoes before and I loved taking Spin classes for the intense workout that you got in such a short period of time! I teach a 45-minute Starter cycle early mornings and I find that to be almost more challenging than a regular 1 hour Cycle class…not only do you have to cram an intense workout into a shorter period of time, but you have to keep it interesting without making the class too advanced for the newbies! I think its safe to say that today’s class was just that! ;)

Here are some songs that I’m loving for class right now:

  • Somebody to Love–Justin Bieber *Good song to use for jumps!
  • Airplanes–B.o.B *Climb/Run with Resistance!
  • First Time–Lifehouse *Seated Flat/Jumps/Sprints!
  • Chelsea Dagger–The Fratellis *Seated Flat/Sprints!
  • Heartbreak Warfare–John Mayer *Climb!
  • Summer of ’69–Bryan Adams *Seated Flat!

*These are just suggestions! I’ve varied them in my classes…most of these songs can be used a variety of ways :)


Gorgeous Day

31 Mar

What a lovely day…its sunny and warm and breezy. Just perfect. And that’s saying a lot considering I’m talking about the ‘Burg…aka my least favorite place! But I’m in a great mood today…which probably has something to do with the fact that I’m going home tomorrow for a long Easter weekend :) I always go home for Easter because my family and the boy’s family always have big Easter lunch/dinners…but instead of leaving Friday, I’m leaving Thursday afternoon because my professor decided to cancel my late class. So glad. I find that as the weeks get busier as we get closer to graduation, I get stressed and just want to LEAVE this place! So having weekends at home every now and then make it a whole lot better :)

I’ve been pretty good about getting things done over the past week and a half…which is good since I’m not as stressed anymore! I have tons of work, but as of right now, its all spaced out just right…thank goodness. I actually made a list of everything I have to do today and even put times beside it….haha. So in a few minutes I’m heading out for a ~7 mile run in this gorgeous weather so I can get back and finish everything else I have to do! I never sacrifice exercise…it always makes me feel sooo much better once I get a good sweat in ;) Does anyone else make exercise a big priority?

So excited to be at home with the fam tomorrow. You’ll find me laying outside tanning all day Friday ;) And Saturday, I’m running the 5k race with the boy and one of our friends…so excited. Apparently, they have been training quite a bit, so I’m sure I’m going to be impressed with their 5k time! I’ve been speed training quite a bit myself…trying to go for a record 5k time. Hey, why not? :)


Disordered Eating

3 Feb

I woke up to SUNSHINE this morning…it’s been a long time coming! We’ve had so much winter weather around here, it’s ridiculous! There is still lots of ice and about 8″ of snow on the ground, but its nice to have sun and be able to get out and drive :)

Today in my Foods & Nutrition class, a girl (who happens to be a junior at my university) spoke about eating disorders. Specifically, her eating disorder: Anorexia nervosa. Her story was so inspiring, and she is so brave for speaking in front of 500 college peers about something that is so personal. Our class today was about all eating disorders, so we discussing bulimia and a few others as well. Something that strikes me about all of these EDs is that they all face anxiety when it comes to food, body image and often, exercise. It really made me think about a time not too long ago when I had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. I was never “officially” diagnosed with any disorder, and frankly, no one (like my family and boyfriend) really knew much about it because I was away at college. I skipped meals, excessively counted calories, and if I ate “too much” one day, I would scale back the next day. Regardless of my calorie intake, or lack thereof, I worked out every single day to burn off large amounts of calories…I remember watching the calorie burn count increasing as I worked out on the elliptical and as the number increased, I was more satisfied but often I kept going even longer in excessive amounts. Having a “blame” for a problem isn’t always a healthy way to look at a situation, but I know that this unhealthy relationship had a lot to do with my unhappiness at my college.  Fast forward to Summer 2009, and I was back at home for summer break. For one, I was eating a lot better because I ate at least three meals a day…and I never skipped dinner anymore because my mom always cooks! I joined our local YMCA, which is a REALLY nice gym with great people all around, and I got into a more “normal” workout mode. I worked as a lifeguard during the summer, so I would either work out before I was on duty or afterward…regardless I focused more on a quality, well-rounded workout than just excessive counting of calories burned. As a runner, eating properly and not getting overly burned out from workouts made a big difference in my ability to do longer and more powerful runs. In addition, I started doing regular strength training and varied my workouts throughout the week. I honestly felt better and more fit than I ever did at school! In the Fall of 2009, I was at home for the semester (because of a change of heart about studying abroad) so I took 15 credit hours in my major (Political Science) at Old Dominion University which is about 45 minutes away from my house. I was probably the happiest I’ve ever been while in college, because I was living at home and my boyfriend also goes to ODU, which means I saw him daily! I really just developed a healthy balance/relationship with fitness and nutrition after that one semester at home, and it continues to have a positive impact on my life. Although I am back at my original university (graduating in May, though!), I have continued to lead a healthy lifestyle. Having a townhouse is nice, because I have a full kitchen and I cook dinner every night. I always eat breakfast and I always make sure to eat something for lunch, whether it be a salad, soup, or even a protein bar if I’m in a hurry. I work out daily, but I don’t go for a record calorie burn on the elliptical anymore! I vary my workouts (cycling, running, BodyPump, hot yoga, elliptical, Step, strength training, etc.) and I make sure I’m having FUN working out, not just doing it to burn off what I ate for lunch. Having a positive and healthy attitude makes probably the most significant impact on your life, and I’m glad that I finally found that balance. I’m at a point where I enjoy eating healthy because of how it makes me feel and I find that I really only crave healthy foods. So it goes to show that you don’t have to have an “eating disorder” to have an unhealthy relationship with food. I hope everyone can find that “balance” in their life so that you can start living a healthy lifestyle that should just come naturally!


Laziness is Unheard Of ;)

30 Jan

So I lied about taking a “day off.” Haha I knew that wouldn’t happen! Well, first I laid in bed and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic on Netflix On Demand…it was a really cute movie! But after being lazy all morning, I started to get antsy, as usual! I’m just not good at being lazy…haha…does anyone else have that problem? Most people I know think I’m crazy because I can’t just relax for a whole 24 hours. I personally just feel better and am in a better mood when I feel like I’ve been productive, of sorts. So I ended up working out for 1.5 hours using ExerciseTV.com…I did a Strength and Toning video, then half of a cardio video (I found it was wayyy too easy!) and then a CardioKickboxing video, which I really enjoyed! I then did lots of Abs for the Core Challenge that I’m participating in! So even with all the snow on the ground (we ended up with over a foot…the whole town is shut down!), I got in a good workout! Then I ended up cleaning up, washing clothes, vacuuming, and fun things like that. Last but not least, I cooked dinner! So the first half of my day I let myself be “lazy” and then I got some things done the second half! I think its a good compromise :)

Now I think I’ll read a magazine and watch some of the Miss America pageant. Hope everyone has had a fab Saturday! ;)