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Things I Love About Fall…

29 Sep
  • The leaves as they change from green to all shades of orange, yellow, and red…
  • Nonfat Pumpkin Spice Lattes…I get the sense that PSLs are everyone’s favorite thing about Fall ;)
  • FOOTBALL…need I say more?!
  • Cool weather…which I’m currently still waiting for!
  • Pumpkins and other Fall decor
  • Going to the mountains to pick apples at my favorite orchard: Check it out!
  • Fall fashion…in LOVE with sweaters and boots and cute jackets and scarves. Ah.
  • The smell of peanuts being picked
  • Peanut Fest…if you don’t know what this is, you’re missing out ;)
  • Fall is also the unofficial start of race season for all of us runners out there! I am so excited…kicking it off with a Halloween 10k at the Oceanfront. Maybe I’ll actually dress up this time?!
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving…pretty much my favorite holiday…minus Christmas, of course :)
  • …And what’s Thanksgiving without: The MACY’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Truly, the best part about Fall is that I get to spend lots of quality time with family & friends and stay busy busy busy…until after Christmas, pretty much. If there’s one thing I thrive on, its being BUSY. haha. And as I just learned a few days ago when I was writing on my calendar, I have absolutely NO free weekends between now and after New Years! Crazy…but I like it! I hope everyone is finding their Fall to be very eventful…even though I’m sure we’re ALL busy, try to stop and take it all in…enjoy the moment ;)


Busy weekend!

11 Apr

This has probably been one of the busiest weekends I’ve had in the ‘Burg this semester! Friday morning, I went to classes and to the gym to get in a workout before Relay for Life that evening. My family got into town in the late afternoon, and we set up our campsite at Relay…it turned out so cute! My aunt and cousin came up with a cute theme and everyone contributed cute decorations, plus we sold ovarian/breast cancer bracelets and baked goods….which went over well. We did so good, and I’m so proud of my family pulling together to make this a fun night for my Aunt! Minus the cold weather, it was a lot of fun…and no we didn’t make it the entire night…way too cold!

Saturday, we went out for Brunch and just hung out for a while…the weather was gorgeous! Finally, around 2, my aunt, my cousin and his wife left to go home, but my parents stayed through today…so us three drove out on the Blue Ridge Parkway and ended up at a winery to do some wine tasting ;) That was so fun…first time I was able to actually TASTE the wine at a vineyard…last time we visited one up here, I was underage…so I had to sit back while everyone else enjoyed it. Not this time! We ended up buying a few bottles, and then drove on the Parkway some more…the mountains are so pretty this time of year. We were all sooo tired from the night before at Relay, so we had dinner at Panera and called it a night. Oh, I also FINALLY got my cap and gown…graduation is so soon!

I’ve really gotten in a routine of working out every day…it just works for me. I never feel like I’m overtraining or anything, so unless I get to that point, I like my daily workouts. Unfortunately, yesterday was just so busy that I didn’t have time to get a workout in…and I tried to not worry about it. But I still like to break a sweat every day…oh well. This morning, I woke up and went for a 5.6 mile run…I didn’t do a really long run like I usually do on Sundays, because I knew my parents would be waiting on me and they had to go back home today. After running, I got ready and we went out to a cute, local restaurant…they had Greek and Italian food….yum. I love Greek food….in fact, I had a Greek salad for lunch. So good. Plus leftover salad for dinner! ha ha… After my parents left, I decided to go to Hot Yoga…its been two weeks since I went last, and I felt like I could use a good stretch after running over 30 miles this week. Its been a while since I’ve done over 30/week…I definitely gravitated towards only running this week rather than including crosstraining…which is probably NOT a good thing. Crosstraining is a good thing to include in your workout schedule! :)

So, finally the weekend has slowed down…and this upcoming week is going to be soooo slack, so I need to enjoy it while I can! haha…4 day week minus my 9:30am class on Tues/Thurs…not a bad week at all ;) I hope everyone had a great weekend :)


Running, TJ’s, Family, and Love…Perfection

14 Feb

Wow its been such a busy weekend! I felt like I wasn’t able to relax at all while I was home, but I did a lot of fun things so its okay ;) Friday, after I did an Abs class, my friend Brian met me at the Y for Spin class. It was nice to catch up and we got a good workout in too. I didn’t push myself 100% like I usually do, because I knew I was going to be running a 14k the next day, Saturday.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30am to get ready and drive to Virginia Beach for the VA Is For Lovers 14k…well actually my dad drove. I love my fam…they always go to every race to support me, even when we have to wake up at an ungodly hour! :) Thank goodness my dad drove, since we had 3″ of snow on the ground when we were leaving! Umm…the weathermen did not call for that much snow! They said only a dusting…and obviously the city bought into it, because there was not a single snow plow on the roads near my house. In fact, we had to drive about 35mph until we were about 20 minutes into the trip, when the roads finally cleared up. But luckily, we left early enough to have extra time to get to the race location. I’m going to shamelessly plug J&A Racing for again putting on a fabulous race! If anyone has ever heard of the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, well, J&A puts that race on too. They did a spectacular job on this VIFL 14k as well…and I’ve heard that the inaugural Blue Moon Wicked 10k (October) was awesome. They give awesome finisher’s “gifts” and medals and nice technical running shirts at all three of their races. I also like the courses as well. I may be partial because I just love that these races are local and I love Va Beach ;)

After the race Saturday…which I ended up being the 481st finisher out of 3,000…crazy. I didn’t realize I even did that good…haha. The fam and I went to Panera for lunch…which is by far my favorite place, ever. I choose Panera over any other restaurant…seriously! Then we went to Trader Joes…ahh its like heaven. I love walking around and looking at all of the neat things to buy. We ended up with quite a bit of things: quinoa, variety pack of TJ’s hummus, pita chips, almond butter, no salt added albacore tuna, lots of 0% greek yogurt, my fave…and a few other things. I have a fully stocked kitchen back at school now ;)

Saturday night, the boy and I had a Valentines Day date night a little early, because I had to leave to go back to school today. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, where we proceeded to wait an hour and 15 minutes(!) to be seated. It was so crazy there last night! However, every experience I’ve had at that particular Cheesecake Factory has been super-crowded and long waits…I think its because its the only one in the area! I got a Barbeque Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad…obviously not the healthiest thing, but I only ate 1/3 of it…their portion sizes are humongous! Afterwards, we were planning to go see Dear John. However, it took more time in the restaurant than we thought it would, and both of the nearby theaters had a showing at the time we preferred. So I quickly called my mom and got her to look up movie times at other theaters, and a few minutes later we decided to drive to the only theater that had a showing we could make it to…which happened to be on the way home, so it worked out well! I don’t have a lot to say about that movie, except this: the movie is NOTHING like the book. The plot location wasn’t even the same?! Overall, it was a decent movie, and of course had sad parts (this is Nicholas Sparks we’re talking about!) but I would recommend not reading the book before you see it if you plan to! Its not a huge deal, its just hard to separate what you read and what you’re seeing on the screen. I kept telling my boyfriend “No! This is not how it happened!” hahaha :)

So after not getting home ’til almost 1am last night…and then not going to sleep until 3am, I am exhausted! I made the 5-hour drive back to school this afternoon, and it was extra-boring and seemed longer than usual. Blah. I stopped by the grocery store on the way in because *surprise, surprise* we’re supposed to get about 3″-6″ of snow overnight & tomorrow. Just what I wanted!!! ha ha just kidding. I have never been more ready for the beach and hot weather! Well I think I’m in need of some serious sleep…back to the grind tomorrow…that is unless classes get canceled! Fingers crossed ;)


It’s a blizzard out there…

5 Feb

So I was hoping we wouldn’t see Snowday Round II…but my wish did not come true unfortunately! I woke up this morning to a text message that said that classes were canceled. That in itself, is a shock! My university NEVER cancels a whole day of classes, even for a foot of snow or a coating of ice. So that means it must be bad, huh? Well, yeah you could say that! When I woke up and read the text, it was 7:45am, so I looked outside and saw LOTS of new snow. Yep, I know why we didn’t have classes! Its very pretty, but I am so not feeling it anymore. Give me a beach, some warm weather, and some bright sunshine ASAP!

Anyways, since I’m trapped indoors yet again, I haven’t any clue what to do…I’m a little…bored? Since I woke up early, at 7:45, and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep (why?! I have no idea…), I started reading Dear John. I wanted to read the book before I see the movie, which looks like it won’t be a problem since I can’t get out to the movies anyways! haha… So far the book is pretty good…I love Nicholas Sparks, and The Notebook & A Walk to Remember are two of my most favorite movies, so I’m excited for Dear John! What can I say, I’m a sucker for love stories ;)

I also just got Sweet Little Lies in the mail from Amazon.com…yes I’m reading Lauren Conrad’s book. haha. I actually liked the first one (L.A. Candy), so I’m hoping the new one will be just as good or better :)

I think I’m going to attempt a Pilates workout and maybe find a good cardio video on Exercise.tv…then I think its a perfect day to make soup for dinner! ;)



22 Jan

This past Fall semester was glorious. Why? Well for one, I was commuting to ODU from home, and I lived with my family & saw my boyfriend every day…I was spoiled. But the other reason was, I took only Political Science classes (which is my major). No French classes, no other electives, nothing. Just PSCI. It was fab! I enjoyed going to class every day, and I was always excited to learn new things. Fast forward to Spring 2010…the present…and I have been feeling bummed since classes began on Tuesday. In order to complete the minor that I chose (French), I still have to complete two 3000-level French classes. The thing is, I’ve really lost the desire to take French anymore. For a while now, I’ve dreaded going to any French class (I’ve been taking French since middle school, over 7 years) and I’m just always swamped with work in my French classes. Which means I don’t get to enjoy my other classes and I feel constantly stressed! So I have been thinking about what I REALLY want, especially since its my last semester of college…and I decided I would drop my minor and just take a few classes that genuinely interest me. So I signed up for a Food & Nutrition class…which I went to today for the first time, and it is right up my alley! I should’ve gone to school to be a nutritionist/dietician! But I love my Poli Sci as well ;) I also am force-adding (it’s overfilled!) a Personal Training/Fitness Instructor course which will prepare me for the ACE examination…which is what I’ve wanted to do for so long now. I want to work in a gym (during the summer, while in law school, etc.) and possibly teach group exercise classes, spinning, etc. So I finally feel happy about this semester, for the most part. I have confirmed that I have met graduation requirements, so I can breathe a little more…and now I have 3 Poli Sci courses, 2 Health/Fitness courses, and 1 English course focusing on…Harry Potter…haha…yes it’s an easy and fun class :) So that relieves a substantial amount of stress for me, and I can focus on the things I love most…Politics, Health & Fitness, and reading! ;)

Speaking of de-stressing, I am going to a 90-minute hot yoga class tomorrow…my college town just got a Hot Yoga studio which is really exciting. I had so much fun when I went to a class around home a few weekends ago. I also got to drive out today (thankfully the ice is mostly melted!) and I joined a gym that’s literally a mile or so from my townhouse, and right near campus. The on-campus gym is just WAY too crowded, and now with living off campus, its a terrible time trying to find a place to park. So I figured it would be worth my while to check out a different gym! I did 45 min. of cardio/strength training and then a Spin class. It was so-so…I much prefer my gym at home, but this will have to do for a few months!

I love to cook, but I’m actually a much better baker than anything. I tend to stray away from cooking meats for fear of under-cooking/over-cooking/handling raw meat. But I can make really good lean turkey burgers, and I actually prefer handling ground turkey rather than chicken. But I went to the grocery store after I left the gym, and there was boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale…and I actually bought two packs! I even went back to the townhouse and cut up the chicken and made a stir-fry with a little EVOO and some spices. It was really great…I’m getting the hang of cooking for myself! I also had some raw carrot chips and mushrooms with some plain hummus…delish!

So I think I just wrote a novel…oops! That’s probably more than anyone wanted to read, so I’ll go back to watching 50 First Dates and finishing my glass of wine ;)


Three Things Thursday

21 Jan

1. We’ve been getting freezing rain since I woke up this morning at 7:45…and it actually got bad enough for the university to cancel afternoon classes. That’s took me by surprise, since they NEVER, EVER cancel classes here! Out here in the mountains, everyone is just used to winter weather. Unfortunately, this means I won’t be driving out to register at a new gym this afternoon. Guess I’ll be using the tiny gym in the clubhouse once again!

2. I am about to do something I’ve never done before…take 21 credit hours! I’ve gotten by on 15 credit hours per semester since freshman year of college, but I have to take at least 18 to graduate in May, and the extra 3 just make me feel more comfortable about having enough credits. Plus its a Food & Nutrition class, which, in retrospect, is what I should have majored in!

3. So I’m STILL sore from an Advanced Pilates class I took Tuesday! Yikes…at least that was a good workout!