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6 Sep

Soooooooo excited that its finally time to kickoff Hokie football! Counting down until tonight…I’m so excited. I literally woke up and put on my VT football jersey….going to be a fun day! Hope everyone else is as excited for Tech football as I am…and if you’re not, you should be! ;)



neVer forgeT

16 Apr

Its been 3 years since 4.16.07…not a day goes by that I don’t think about what happened here at Virginia Tech. I walk by those buildings where 32 innocent students lost their lives every single day, and the tragedy that this campus faced 3 short years ago is always present in the back of my mind. Its something you just cannot forget. I am truly blessed to be here and be healthy…and I am so grateful that I will be walking across that stage receiving my diploma in 19 days when there are others who will not be able to, because their lives were taken from them. Every day is a blessing, and its important to live life to the fullest. I ran that 3.2 miles this morning with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, because its so touching to see the Hokie Nation join together, like always, and do things for a great cause. A record turnout of over 7,000 runners yelling “Let’s Go Hokies” is enough to bring tears to your eyes. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH.


Super (Bowl) Sunday ;)

7 Feb

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, ya’ll ;) I am such a huge sports fan, even if I don’t follow it religiously! I must say, I HAVE been following the Saints this season though. They have done well (obviously…ha ha). Although, I am actually more of a college football fan…completely partial to my HOKIES, by the way :)

So as I am still snowed in (I think I’ll attempt to dig out my car tomorrow…hopefully for the last time this winter!), I just went to the clubhouse gym to run on the t(D)readmill…again. I did 5 miles yesterday…and since I’ve been back on a running kick lately, I decided I would run 9 miles to “prepare” for the Va Is For Lovers 14k on Saturday. It was lovelyyyy…I miss long-distance running. I haven’t really had the opportunity since I’ve been back at school because its been snow on the ground almost as long as I’ve been back here. Ha. I can’t wait until it melts and I can get back in my outdoor running routine. Anyways, so I did 9 miles on the treadmill…let me just say, it takes A LOT to overcome the mental challenge of treadmill boredom! I wanted to quit a few times, even though I wasn’t physically tired…its just that staring-at-the-wall and glancing to see how many more miles I have to go that really gets me! But I did it…and I feel GREAT right now. I have really missed my runner’s “highs” ha ha :)

I think I’m going to cook something for dinner…I have a perfectly ripe avocado to incorporate into whatever I decide to cook, so hopefully it’ll be good! I should probably be doing schoolwork, but I think sitting in front of the TV watching the Super Bowl (and commercials!) sounds much better ;) Enjoy the game, ya’ll!

Update: I made chili…an interesting variation on chili actually! I used lean ground turkey, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce, a can of kidney beans, a pack of mushrooms, a cup of fresh spinach, a cup of chopped carrot slices, and spices. Then I cut up my avocado and put some on top with cheese. It’s delish!


Holidays, here and gone…

28 Dec

Christmas always seems to get here so quickly and end so quickly…but regardless, it was really nice :) I stayed super busy all last week…last minute shopping, wrapping presents, painting my wine glasses, baking cookies, and going to holiday parties. Saw some old HS friends last Monday, which was nice. Reallllly pushed it with last minute shopping on Tuesday, but I got my mom a really pretty Dooney & Bourke bag! Wednesday, I finished the wine glasses that I had been painting in UVA & VT colors. They turned out really good! On Christmas Eve, we went to church for the annual candlelight service and then my dad bought us coffee and we drove around and saw pretty Christmas lights…and baked up a storm when I got home that night, too!

Christmas morning, I went to my boyfriend’s family for breakfast and opening presents with them. It was really nice and everyone got nice gifts :) Afterwards, my boyfriend went back to my house with me to open presents with my family…it was still only 10am at this point. Soooo early! Saw my neighbors for a few minutes and then we watched the Christmas parade on TV and opened our gifts. I got lots of running things, which is basically all I asked for. I got the iFitness belt which “Chic Runner” Danica reviews here. It’s really great and I highly recommend it for runners! I think everyone in my family knew all I wanted was running things, because I got a lot of nice running gear from all my family members. Can’t wait until its cold(er) here so I can use some of the things!

Even though Christmas is over, the parties are obviously not. Last night, I went with my boyfriend to another of his family’s parties, and we have my dad’s family party here on Sunday…so its like Christmas/New Years party in one! Speaking of New Years, I can hardly wait to watch the Chic-Fil-A Bowl game…really want to see my Hokies beat Tennessee! So no matter what the NYE plans are, I will be somewhere there is a TV with the big game on it!!!


Wonderful weekend in the city

1 Dec

The trip to Charlotte, NC was amazing…a long drive though!!! 5 hours plus dealing with traffic…but we made it fun :) We got to the city around 2pm on Saturday, and after checking into the Hilton, went walking around. Strangely enough, the city was pretty much deserted! I’m not used to that…every big city I’ve been to ALWAYS has people walking around and lots of stores and restaurants open. So after wandering around and finding pretty much every store closed, we decided to watch the VT/UVA game in a nearby sports bar. That turned out to be really fun…every wall was covered with TVs so we kept up with multiple games at once and I got to see my Hokies win :) After the game, we went back to the hotel and got ready for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. The arena was only a few blocks from our hotel, so the walk wasn’t bad and it wasn’t too cold outside either. The concert was really nice, but suprisingly, not as good as I expected. Last year it was actually better…don’t quote me on this, but it seemed as though they used the EXACT same playlist for the first half of the show as they did last year. A little disappointing, but overall still a good show!

Sunday, after checking out of the hotel (by the way, this is the first hotel where I’ve seen a NOON checkout time!), we stopped at Starbucks, which always makes me happy to know that I found a guy who loves Starbucks as much as I do :) On the way home, we stopped in Concord Mills, NC…which if you don’t know, is a WONDERFUL shopping area. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area! We spent wayyy too much time and money there, but had lots of fun. I think Sunday was actually a better day than Saturday overall :) We got home super late for a Sunday night, and I did not want to go to class the next day. So I slept late, and went to 4 out of 5 classes. Can’t believe there are only 5 more days of classes to go…where did the semester go?! On that note, I should get back to my three 10-12 page papers due within a week…yikes!


Pretty lights in Charlotte

Hotel room at the Hilton

Super huge Bass Pro Shops and Outdoor World :)


29 Oct


Gameday…can’t believe I’m missing out. Thursday night games are the best!