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Snowww :)

26 Dec

Well as it turns out, we got our “White Christmas” after all. And it continued all day today…we have around 13″ of snow in our yard! For this area, that is a LOT. And I can only remember probably one other snowfall this big since I’ve been alive…so that means it probably won’t happen again anytime soon! haha

So much snow!

Chloe was a little too small for all the snow ;)


Christmas lights + Snow…so pretty :)



24. Merry Christmas Eve

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully at this point, everyone has gotten the shopping done, the presents wrapped, and all of the cookies baked :) If not…well there’s still around 7 hours to get it all done before Santa arrives! But really, always remember why we truly celebrate this wonderful holiday! Hopefully you’re spending time with family and friends, feeling blessed and enjoying each others company!

Tonight I’ll be making one of these,












While I’m watching this,












And enjoying this!












Have a great Christmas Eve!


13. Holiday Baking: Gingerbread

13 Dec

Gingerbread just screams “Christmas” to me…it comes in so many forms: cookies, cakes, Gingerbread houses, ornaments, etc. One way or the other, you probably encounter some form of Gingerbread during the holidays! Here are some ways to incorporate it into your holiday season:

1. Gingerbread House, $9.99 at World Market…shameless plug for the ‘Market, since my Dad works in the corp. division ;) I love making Gingerbread houses during Christmas…its your chance to showcase your talent!











2. “Gingerbread” Ornaments – Very easy to make…here is a recipe and directions for how to make these!


An example of what it looks like when ready!



3. Colonial Williamsburg Gingerbread Cookies – Recipe can be found here. This recipe is excellent!


Its currently “blizzarding” at my house, which is really rare for this area (especially before Christmas!)…this is our second snow before Christmas, in fact. I LOVE it. It reminds me of the good ol’ days in the ‘Burg, where we got snow every single day it felt like. Except, I like it a whole lot more here than I did there, because HERE the whole place shuts down if it snows. There, life goes on…you have to go out in the snow…haha ;)


8. DIY Ornaments

8 Dec

I made these ornaments for all of my friends one year, and they’re SUPER easy! And I think they turn out really pretty :) I chose several different paint combinations, and did college colors for some of them! This is a great present to give because it isn’t too costly and its heartfelt, since you put your time and effort into it :)

What you need:

  • Clear Glass Iridescent Ball Ornaments (I think I bought mine at Michael’s, but any craft store should have them. I found some online on sale really cheap here.
  • Acrylic Paints (Again, Michael’s is a good place to look…they have a big variety)
  • Empty egg cartons (To place the ornaments in to let excess paint drip out)
  • Paper Towels, Newspaper, etc.

1.  Begin the paint swirled ornament by removing the top covering to the ornament and set it aside.  Next, dribble some acrylic paint inside the ornament.  Add a good amount, and swirl it around a bit.

2.  Next, add in another color of paint (here I’m adding green).  Swirl these colors around by rolling the ornament between your hands.  Fill in gaps by dripping in some more paint in that area, as best as you can.

swirling paints

swirling paints

3.  When about half of the inside of the bulb is covered, take a tissue and cover the top opening with it, and hold it tight with your finger.  Then, give the ornament a good shake or two, carefully checking progress in between shakes. Try to get all the glass covered.  You want to shake to get a good swirl effect, but not too much that the colors become completely mixed and change color.

shaking ornament
4.  Allow the ornament to dry well with the ornament cover off (I recommend turning them upside down and placing in egg cartons to allow the excess paint to drain out of the ornament!), then replace the  cover and hang your beautiful paint swirled ornament on the Christmas tree, or give away as an impressive gift!
dryingdecorated glass ball ornament
Instructions and photos found here.

Bonus Tip: After I made mine and allowed the paint to dry completely, I used a paint pen to write the year and the person’s name on the ornament. So on one side, I would write “Name” and then turn it around and put the year (“2010”) on the other! I used silver and gold paint pens…which can also be found at Michael’s or other craft stores! Here is a picture of one I made:


Things I Love About Fall…

29 Sep
  • The leaves as they change from green to all shades of orange, yellow, and red…
  • Nonfat Pumpkin Spice Lattes…I get the sense that PSLs are everyone’s favorite thing about Fall ;)
  • FOOTBALL…need I say more?!
  • Cool weather…which I’m currently still waiting for!
  • Pumpkins and other Fall decor
  • Going to the mountains to pick apples at my favorite orchard: Check it out!
  • Fall fashion…in LOVE with sweaters and boots and cute jackets and scarves. Ah.
  • The smell of peanuts being picked
  • Peanut Fest…if you don’t know what this is, you’re missing out ;)
  • Fall is also the unofficial start of race season for all of us runners out there! I am so excited…kicking it off with a Halloween 10k at the Oceanfront. Maybe I’ll actually dress up this time?!
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving…pretty much my favorite holiday…minus Christmas, of course :)
  • …And what’s Thanksgiving without: The MACY’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Truly, the best part about Fall is that I get to spend lots of quality time with family & friends and stay busy busy busy…until after Christmas, pretty much. If there’s one thing I thrive on, its being BUSY. haha. And as I just learned a few days ago when I was writing on my calendar, I have absolutely NO free weekends between now and after New Years! Crazy…but I like it! I hope everyone is finding their Fall to be very eventful…even though I’m sure we’re ALL busy, try to stop and take it all in…enjoy the moment ;)


Happy Easter!

4 Apr

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter Sunday! Enjoy spending time with family and friends and being out in the nice weather (well, hopefully everyone has nice weather!). I always get an Easter basket from my parents…even though I’m 21. haha. Does anyone else still participate in the traditions of all the holidays? My family does :) My entire family gets Easter baskets…interestingly enough, so does my boyfriend’s family. I was beginning to think it was funny that I still got Easter baskets and such, but when I went to an Easter dinner at the boy’s house for the first time two years ago, it made my day to realize they did the same thing. I guess we’re perfect for each other. haha. By the way, my mom knows me too well–she doesn’t buy me a lot of candy because I don’t eat it. So this year she put Luna bars in my basket…love it ;) Enjoy the day!


Winter Wonderland :)

21 Dec

It’s soooo nice to say that the semester is completely over with! And I just found out I have a 3.8 GPA, which means Dean’s List AND the fact that I’ve never had a GPA that high in college is just exciting! I have truly been discouraged by grades in college up until this semester, as I came from high school were I had a 4.3 GPA to barely making a 3.0 each semester. But now I beat my goal :) Just means I have to keep that up for my next & LAST semester in college!!!

The holiday parties started this past weekend, as I went to my boyfriend’s sister’s Annual Christmas party on Friday. It was a great time and got to spend time with some of my favorites :) Saturday, I went shopping with my Mama…we’re sooo behind on shopping, and still have a little to do! The day was perfect…not to mention, we even got a dusting of snow…even though the rest of VA got like two FEET of snow. But hey, you take what you can get! Sunday, my family went to Greenville, NC to my aunt’s house for our annual Christmas party with my Mama’s fam. It was really nice and it’s always fun spending time with family & friends.

I can hardly believe that Christmas is in 4 more days! This month has gone by so quickly, and I feel like there is still so much to do! Today has already been productive, though…I have started painting the wine glasses for my fav Hokies & Wahoo fans and they’re turning out great! I also baked three batches of sugar cookies…now we get to frost them…my favorite part :) Still have a lot of baking to do, but I’m about to get in a good, long run since its a nice 45 degrees…perfect running weather. Need to get back on the marathon training plan…I’ve been doing a lot of cross-training (Spinning, elliptical,etc.) because my right Quad has been hurting. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it a long ways today…need to get ready and go since today is the shortest day of the year!