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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

16 Jan

Well, as I mentioned several times, I’ve been hoping to go abroad for the Summer. I’ve been spending way too much time (time that should probably be spent reading for classes…ha) reading travel websites and figuring out where I should visit, where to stay, what to see…etc. While looking at all of these potential ideas, I came up with another idea. Why not have an Internship abroad?! How exciting would that be???


So I started doing more research…and found a whole list of organizations that work to help you actually get an internship in the country of your choice. My choice? London. Its such a gorgeous place. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and walk past beautiful parks and Buckingham Palace? And the culture…oh, don’t get me started on that. Its such a culturally rich place, and the depth of the history is just extraordinary. Plus, London is pretty centrally located for me to be able to travel when I have time. Chunnel to France? NBD. Cheap flight to Italy? Sure. Oh yeah–and my family emigrated from the UK. Many many many years ago. But that’s beside the point ;)

So, how do I feel about working abroad? Really excited, actually. It can almost seem like a burden to go overseas and then work, but honestly, it would be so neat to experience a job in a foreign country. Plus, I may be able to work in Parliament or for a Trial Attorney, which would be so interesting in itself. So, here I am, faced with a final decision…should I take the plunge and intern abroad this summer?!






Sweet Summertime

11 Aug

I fail at blogging during the summer, apparently. Haha. I actually have kept pretty busy the entire summer though, which I love…I always have the desire to be productive and keep moving! I’ve been working up a storm…lifeguarding most days of the week during this summer of 100-degree temps(!) and teaching Spinning at the gym a few times a week. Last week, my family was *finally* on vacation at the beach for the week. It. was. so. nice. We all did what we do best at the beach: relax, sit on the beach, drink, and take lots of bike rides (and take advantage of the gorgeous surroundings and run a lot, in my case!). Nights In Rodanthe house, anyone?

We had a great week at the beach…I’m really bummed that its back to reality this week! And law school orientation starts next Monday! Crazy how quickly this summer has gone by…maybe law school will go by quickly too?! haha

I think I’m going to join the ranks of society this week—I’m finally going to get a CrackBerry! ;) I think it’ll be really nice to be able to check my email at any time, especially since I seem to always use email constantly throughout the day. It’s nice to have internet access from your phone too…I’m clearly behind the times with my plain ol’ cell phone that is capable of…texting and taking photos, and not much else. haha. I’m thinking of this one:

Hopefully I’ll be technologically up-to-date by the end of this week! ;)


What’s New

28 Jun

Wow its been a month since I’ve written on the blog! I’ve had quite a busy summer and blogging fell by the wayside…obviously. haha. A LOT has happened over the past month, so I’ll try to catch ya’ll up!

When I left off in May, I was bummed because I was getting ready to start working at my job for the 3rd straight summer and wouldn’t get to enjoy Memorial Weekend at the beach. However, right before the weekend, I quit my job there and took another lifeguarding job that paid more $$$ and is way more flexible! I went to the beach with the boy and his family and we met up with friends all weekend. It was so much fun and I realized I had been missing out the past few years when I had to work over the holiday weekend!

The following weekend, my parents had a graduation party for my graduation from college. My dad made homemade BBQ (he’s the best cook!) and we had a pig-picking…plus lots and lots of beer and shots (Peppermint Patties anyone?!), cornhole, Quarters (I still suck at that game…haha) and the company of family and friends. I got lots of $$$ and my parents gave me a Virginia Tech rocking chair from Cracker Barrel…don’t you love those famous chairs when you visit the ‘Barrel on a road trip?!

The week right after my grad party weekend, my mom and I went and stayed at the beach with my aunt and cousins and family friends. It was a girls week in a super-nice cottage in Corolla, NC…so much fun. There was lots of beach/pool/hot tub time, shopping, talking, movies, and in my case, running. I love running on the beach…wish I could do that every day!

The very next weekend after my grad party, my boyfriend’s sister got married! The countdown has been on since summer began and it was definitely a PARTY! The Rehearsal Dinner was so fun, and made everyone even more excited for the big day. I went to the church early with the wedding party and helped in any way I could before the wedding started. It was fun watching everyone get ready and have pictures taken! I will admit, it just added to my wedding envy…I’m counting down the days…haha. I already have so many ideas and I can’t wait to put them to use! And of course, no wedding is complete without an awesome reception afterwards…this one was no exception! The night started off great when the wedding party had to dance in to “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night” and everyone had to do their own unique dance move. The groom showcased his famous “sprinkler” move…um, no one can do that quite like he can. haha. It really was a fun night, and I only had a ever-so-slight hangover the next day…ha.

In the meantime, while all of these fun things were going on, I had been working at the pool most days and getting a good tan! I also have been training at the gym to become a fitness instructor, so we had classes several days a week to attend. On Father’s Day weekend, I worked on Saturday and on Sunday, we just cooked out and played in the pool all day. I also got in an 8-miler on the treadmill….can’t do that too often…so boring! I’ve been running 40+ mile weeks, but pretty much on a treadmill either at home or at the gym, because its been extremely HOT here (100 degrees?!). Last week, I bought The Shred and No More Trouble Zones…I’ve heard really good things about them, so I figured why not? I’ve gotten my parents to do The Shred with me, which I’m really excited about! They really want to start working out, but have had a difficult time getting motivated…so this is really great for them! Plus 20 minutes of doing The Shred isn’t impossible, so its a good place to start. They’ve done it every single day with me, and I’m so proud of their dedication to it…well, that, and knowing our beach vacation is in a month is a really good motivator!!!

There is still so much to look forward to this summer (concerts, parties, beach, etc!) so I’m going to try and and enjoy it as best as I can :) I’m not really looking forward to going back to school so soon (especially starting law school…yikes!) but I know the next three years will fly by, so I’m not going to let it stress me out :) Well I hope everyone has had a fabulous summer so far, and hopefully it won’t be another month before I update this blog again! ;)


A little burned out

6 Apr

Its finally the home stretch…a month of classes left and then just waiting around for Graduation Day to get here…sooo ready! I’ve finally figured out how to spread the last of my schoolwork/projects out across the month of April, so I shouldn’t have to worry about too much s-t-r-e-s-s anymore, thank goodness :) I woke up this morning absolutely dreading classes or anything pertaining to school…and I realized that graduation really couldn’t get here at a better time. I seriously feel burned out from college and I would probably want to just give up now if I knew I still had a year to go…ha ha! But really, I’m so so so glad to be graduating from this place…for more than one reason. I will say that I probably won’t be visiting the ‘Burg ANYtime soon….as in probably years after I graduate. I just never really fell in love with this place, and while I’ve met some really great people, I prefer my friends from home. That sounds pretty harsh….but so true. haha. I’ve found that a lot of people here just are different than what I’m used to. I’m from a Southern town with real hospitality, and that is severely lacking here.

I recently was accepted to a great law school, but the stipulation is that I would have to attend a summer program for 7 weeks. This is a very good school, and I feel the most positive about this one out of all the schools I’ve been accepted to. However, I would not be at home for most of the summer (the school is 3 hours away), and I would not be able to work my summer job…which means no $$$. I’m not sure yet what I should do…its so tempting….but I’m not sure if I can be dedicated enough to take two law courses over the summer beginning a week after college graduation. I’m sure it is an excellent opportunity…its definitely something I need to think about. This morning when I woke up not wanting to go to classes, I thought about how I could potentially be taking law classes less than two weeks after I finish college, and it made me feel even more burned out honestly. haha. Definitely need to put more thought into this! ;)


Busy Spring Break

10 Mar

Its been a busy week so far…what happened to Spring Break?! Oh well, I won’t complain…at least I’ve been doing things other than school! Monday afternoon I decided to do a run/bike workout…just to change it up a little bit ;) I ran 7 miles and then biked 5 miles…I planned to do more biking but it was getting dark really quickly! I cooked dinner for the fam…made an awesome Mediterranean pizza with Feta, mushrooms, spinach, fresh tomato, and olives. Plus tzatziki and pita on the side. It was so good…Greek food is just awesome. Tuesday, I had a busy, busy day. Woke up at 8am and went to the gym for Spin class and weights…I’m still sore…ahh. I finally made it to the chiropractor for an adjustment…I highly recommend them, especially if you’re a runner! Then I got my hair cut….I got about 4 inches cut off and added layers…its nice to have a change :) Even though my hair is still pretty long…haha. Afterwards, my boyfriend took me shopping for my birthday! No one knows what to buy me, so they just take me shopping. Ha, I won’t complain too much ;) We went to the outlets, because I really just wanted running apparel. I’m pretty simple. ha ha (not really). I got a racerback tank from UnderArmour and workout capris and running capris from Adidas. You can never have enough workout clothes! Then he took me to Panera (aka Heaven), Trader Joes (which is a close 2nd to Heaven), and Starbucks, which I think everyone knows I’m addicted to…ha ha :)

Oh yeah, and I accepted a job to lifeguard again, for another summer. After I said I wasn’t going to do it again. Its just so…enticing. I literally sit by a pool that’s empty 65% of the time and get to tan and read trashy gossip magazines…and get paid. Yeah….I should definitely look into a serious job. On that note, I’m about to head out the door to beg for a job at a law firm in town. Maybe I can convince them to hire me…haha!