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Out with the old, in with the new :)

1 Jan

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe an entire year has gone by so quickly. And a whole decade at that! I still remember when we were nearing the “Millenium” and now here we are in 2010!!! Crazy…

I have so much to be thankful for, especially this past year. It surely has had its ups and downs, but every minute has been valuable and special because of the people in my life :) Looking back a year ago, I thought graduating from college was so far away. But here I am, less than five months away from getting my undergraduate degree from VT. Speaking of VT, go HOKIES! The Chick-Fil-A Bowl was amazing, of course, and my Hokies won!

I have made some great friends, and learned so much just in the past year. I’ve been with my boyfriend now for almost 1.5 years & I have never been happier :) I can hardly wait to take that next step…although wedding bells are a few years off ;) I have seen countless friends from home and from college become engaged this past year and it makes me excited for the future :)

I have struggled with the LSAT three times this past year, in hopes of getting into law school. I hope I never have to see an LSAT again!!! I’m almost done with my applications and my fingers are crossed that law school is in my future! :)

2009 was also a year of loss for many people…not only did the world lose some of its favorite icons, but so many individuals lost people that were close to them. My grandmother passed away in November 2009, and it was a very difficult time for my family. However, knowing that she is in a better place helps me deal with it better!

I ran my first half-marathon in March 2009, which was really such an accomplishment for me. The training for it did not go so well since I had a running injury, but I managed to pull it off and even did well :) I began to increase my mileage and work out more intensely to prep for my next goal…a full marathon. I’m currently training for a March 2010 marathon, which will hopefully continue to be fun! :)

I have some great memories from 2009 with my family, friends, and of course my boyfriend that I will always remember and I’m grateful for everyone that is a part of my life :) I hope 2010 will be great for everyone, and I am praying that it will be a good & prosperous year!