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16. Things To Do On A Snowday

16 Dec

Snow days are fun, right? Well…not when you drive 50 minutes to class to take a 45 minute exam, and then sit in traffic for 2 hours. BUT that’s another story for another day :) Ideally, snow days should be filled with movies, fun, hot chocolate, and playing in the snow…here are some suggestions:

1. Watch Christmas movies – Isn’t is great when it snows so close to Christmas? I LOVE it :)







2. Make Hot Chocolate or Coffee – Add a candy cane or some holiday marshmallows for a festive drink!







3. Play Games









4. Play in the Snow…after all, that’s the most fun!



















Now that I’m home and not parked on the highway any more(!), I plan to play in the snow and curl up on the couch with a fire in the fireplace and watch some Christmas movies ;)


Adventures of the Week ;)

10 May

Wow the past week or so has been pretty busy. Wednesday was the last day of classes, so Thursday I decided to have some fun :) After I went to the gym for a nice run, the boy and I drove out on the Blue Ridge Parkway to visit an awesome winery. I’ve been there before, but unfortunately wasn’t 21, so I couldn’t do a wine tasting. So I was pumped this time around…I love this winery…their wine is amazing. The lady who did our wine tasting was ahem, very generous with the sampling…needless to say I was sufficiently tipsy at the end of that. Ha ha. Then we took a short tour of the winery, which is really cool. I think Thursday was by far the prettiest day I’ve seen this year, so we drove on the Parkway for a while and stopped at different overlooks to see the gorgeous mountains. I will say this part of the state is so pretty in the summer :)

Friday, I spent the day studying for my 7:45am Saturday exam and took a gym break in the afternoon. I studied until way too late Friday night and got maybe 5 hours of sleep before I had to take my exam. So glad that’s over with! I had plans to go to Hot Yoga on Saturday morning after my exam, so I stopped at Starbucks for coffee to kill some time before I went to the studio. It was a perfect day for yoga…I’ve had a pretty intense workout week, so it was nice to stretch and sweat out toxins. Saturday afternoon, we decided to hike to a local waterfall…its so pretty. I went once my freshman year of college during the Fall, so it was nice to go back in late Spring and see how pretty it is :) It was an awesome 4-mile hike, and we took our time and just enjoyed the day. Its almost like I’m on vacation…even though I still have one more exam to go!

Sunday we stayed in and I cleaned up and did laundry…the necessities. I guess not every day can be a vacation day ;) I got in a nice 7-miler, especially since the weather was SO great yesterday. Then, we spent the evening watching movies. And I was avoiding studying, of course.

Today, well, I had plans to “study” for my essay exam tomorrow morning at 7:45m…what is up with my exams being so early?! I haven’t gotten around to studying…yet. But I was being domestic and made a healthy (cake mix + egg whites + applesauce) cake for the boy…and cleaned the kitchen…and now I am about to go to the gym. Nothing like procrastinating. Oh and did I mention One Tree Hill comes on tonight??? Studying looks like a no-go. Kidding. I do need to at least review the material…just severely lacking motivation nowadays…especially since I graduate in FOUR days ;)



23 Apr

Welp, I thought I was better. But I’m beginning to think that was a premature assumption…yeah. Last night the boy and I went to see Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D…which by the way was pretty awesome :) I felt fine minus a little tightness in my chest, which the doc said was going to stick around a few days. I ended up staying awake until close to 1am, then finally went to lay in bed. Apparently laying down caused shortness of breath again, and I started freaking out. I just couldn’t take a deep breath and well, that’s scary feeling. I woke up my mom and told her…we talked for a while…I was shaking…contemplated going to the ER again, but we waited to see if I felt any better. I gradually was able to breathe better, although I’m sitting here typing this having not slept a wink and my chest is still pretty tight. I don’t think this would be constituted as an “emergency” though since I am able to breathe…even though I can only take a deep breath every couple of breaths. But I’m better…and waiting until 8am to go to the doctor. No ER for me today…once was plenty. Hope we can get this straightened out…don’t need things like this at the very end of the semester!!!


Snow Day Saturday!

30 Jan

Well it looks like the weathermen were RIGHT for once! We have over a foot of snow on the ground and its still falling…guess I’ll find a way to enjoy it! I wasn’t too excited about being cooped up inside this weekend, but now that the snow is here, its really pretty and I’m actually excited to have a “day off” from everyday life. I honestly NEED a break from working out, and I never give myself one…so today is a mandatory day off from cardio, at least. I do plan to do some strength training/Pilates/Core Challenge workout throughout the day. Hey, what else is there to do? ;)

I do think I’ll watch movies alllll day long while I’m doing whatever it is I find to do…ha ha its so weird to act like I have nothing to do, when in fact I could be doing LOTS of schoolwork! Oh well, I’ll save that for another snow school day!

Obviously, I’m in the mountains, so all of this snow isn’t uncommon…but where I’m actually from is near the Atlantic coast, so we rarely get snow. Wellllll, as of this morning, they have about as much snow at home as we do here in the mountains! How exciting :) I just wish I was there to enjoy it with everyone. So far most of my good friends/family members from home have started out the day drinking (haha I suppose there’s nothing better to do!) and sledding…sounds like a dangerous combination…but I would probably do it too, honestly! :)

I hope everyone who woke up to snow this morning is out enjoying it! And for everyone else, enjoy being able to go out and do things while us others are cooped up at home! ;)

Snow outside the townhouse!