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Glad It’s The Weekend ;)

19 Feb

I finally got in a really good workout this week and it feels so good :) I went to the gym and ran 4 miles: 1 mile increasing incline at every .25 mile, the others at a steady pace with a little sprint at the end. Then I did BodyPump for the first time in two weeks…I was having withdrawals! And it was realllllly hard today…I don’t know if its because its been a while or if it was because I just ran 4 miles?! Either way, I’m feeling pretty good right now, if a little exhausted too. I’ve been heavy on the cardio this week…and well, last week too. So it was nice to pump some iron and work on those muscles ;)

On my drive over to the gym, I passed a Taco Bell, which, quite honestly, I think its disgusting. Well okay, I actually think all fast food is disgusting…haha…I refuse to eat at any of those places. But anyways, back to my story. In the window of Taco Bell, there was an advertisement for some $5 “box” that had like THREE taco/burrito/etc things, cinnamon twists, and a drink…and it was sponsored by the NBA. I started to think about all of the fast food places that use sports organizations/teams/etc to “sell” their products, basically. Is it not ironic that the NBA, of which all the basketball players are in excellent physical shape, is allowing their name to be used to promote artery-clogging junk food? Not picking on Taco Bell/the NBA alone, there are many other fast food places and sports related organizations that do this. I just find it funny! Shouldn’t these organizations put their name on things that are healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle? I would think so!

Ah, its finally the weekend for me…I’ve never been so happy to see Friday get here until now! It wears you out to have three mid-term exams in one day! So I’m going to do anything BUT schoolwork this weekend…which means catching up on my stack of magazines I’ve gotten in the mail over the past two weeks and neglected, reading the rest of Dear John (because I feel like the book & movie are very different!), and doing some housecleaning…because that has been seriously neglected while I’ve been busy! Hope everyone’s Friday has been lovely ;)