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Where has the time gone?!

17 Jul

Well here I am again neglecting my blog…ha ha! July has turned out to be pretty busy, so I haven’t had time to sit down and write out my thoughts and catch up with where my life has taken me lately!

First of all, I just found out I was accepted to a law school nearby my home, so I will be commuting from home now instead of moving 5 hours away to go to law school in Charlotte! I’m a little excited, to be honest…I wasn’t sure about moving to a big city where I knew no one…and not to mention I love being home. After being 5 hours away from home at college the past few years, its nice to be back in my hometown :)

I also finally started teaching group fitness classes at the gym, and since I’m living at home now(!) I get to continue to work throughout the school year…I’ve never worked and juggled school at the same time, but hey, I know I’m going to work out anyways every day, so may as well get paid to do it! haha ;) I’m going to stay busy with this one though…I have lots of trainings to take to be an “official” Y employee and then I’ll have trainings that I have to keep up-to-date every year as well. I’m really excited though…this is what I’ve always wanted to do. Some people have dreamed of becoming an actress…or a doctor…or a musician…but I’ve dreamed of becoming a fitness instructor! haha…kidding…maybe…

I’ve been spending lots of time with family & friends…I love summer and everything it entails. Parties, fun, swimming, riding on the backroads listening to good music, random road trips and lots of fun. Ah. We haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet…concerts, friends visiting, and vacation are coming up real soon…so excited! Here’s to hoping summer slows down just a bit so we can enjoy it as much as possible! ;)


Happy 4th!

4 Jul

July 4th is probably one of my favorite holidays…what’s better than warm weather, sunshine, family and good friends? Oh yeah and: parties, cold beer, swimming in the pool, going out on the river, good music, cookouts, red, white, and blue, and of course…fireworks :)

Photo credit: Google Images

I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday!


Surprise, surprise :)

15 Nov

The party was perfect. I couldn’t have hoped for anything better! :) My mom and I left home around 11:30am to go to Williamsburg. We went to the outlets and shopped at Underarmour, Adidas, Nike, AE, Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Ann Taylor, Coach, and BCBG…my fave! It was sooooo crowded, almost like Black Friday. Rediculous! But there were great sales, and I got lots of cute clothes :) We left Williamsburg around 5:45pm and started going home, and I drove sllllowly in order to not get home before 7! She didn’t suspect a thing, and I even think she bought my response when she asked “what all the cars were doing in my neighbor’s yard?” I just said they were having a party, and proceeded to talk about our shopping trip. We walked into the house and everyone was surrounding the doorway and yelled “surprise!” at exactly the right time. It was so so so perfect! Thank you to everyone who helped make this party a success-my dad, my amazing boyfriend, my aunt, and every single person who was at the party! Ya’ll are great :)

I’m going to post pictures when they are uploaded (hopefully!) but here is one Michael sent when they were decorating…this was before the mean “Over the Hill” decorations!!!



All systems go ;)

14 Nov

Sooooo the night before the big party…and everything has worked out so far! My mom agreed to go shopping…didn’t take any convincing either! I knew my mom and I were alike ;) However, after all this Nor’easter stuff started to go away, our electricity decided to go out! I was convinced we were doomed, but our electricity is back on and my mom and I are going to Williamsburg in the AM. I made a huge list for my dad, boyfriend, and aunt to follow to get things ready. Yes, I’m a control freak. Even when I’m not physically there with them. haha. After all this, I want it to be PERFECT. Sooo here goes nothing…


Anticipation :)

10 Nov

I feel like I have soooooo much to do before this month is over…I sense a trend in my blog posts…they’re all about how many things I have to do! ha ha maybe I’m procrastinating a little. Good news is, the house is mainly clean for the party this weekend, so the only thing to do is cook, decorate, and convince my mom to leave the house with me on Saturday so my dad, aunt, and boyfriend can get to work decorating the house!

I’m looking forward to the Charlotte, NC trip with Michael…only 17 more days! We’re going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra…if you have never been to their Holiday concert, you are definitely missing out!!! It is amazing and it gets you in a Christmas mood :) Unfortunately, I have a term paper, a group project, and two exams between today and when we leave. Soooo I’m going to stay busy it looks like!


ChloeChloe loves to pose for pictures :)