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Fitness&Nutrition-filled weekend!

28 Mar

Ahhh I think last week was the busiest week I’ve had (in a while, at least). Three term papers (yeah, I wondered how they could be term papers…the semester isn’t over yet!) kept me super busy all last week, which was  not fun. I took Thursday and Friday “off” from doing schoolwork to recuperate for the rest of the semester…still lots of work to do, but its coming together pretty well now.

Yesterday, I helped Relay for Life raise money at a Hot Yoga class at the local yoga studio…and I even had time to take the class too :) I LOVE Hot Yoga, which I’m sure you already knew if you read my blog…ha ha. I think we raised a pretty good amount for Relay, and there were LOTS of people that had never done Hot Yoga before, so maybe the studio will have lots of new yogis now ;) When I got back to the townhouse, I knew that I had a hot date with my Nutrition project…yes. I started compiling it and doing calculations around 6pm, and I didn’t finish working on it until almost 11pm! But the important thing is, its done, and now I can focus on other work I need to get done!

I actually feel productive this weekend…I took an online quiz this morning, and after a long run, I have to go to a Personal Training practice sesh (we have to go to 3 events/practices to get credit for class). So all in all, this weekend has been FULL of fitness and nutrition…and I love it. Maybe I should rethink my career path…haha. Fitness>lawyer-ing. However, the $$$ is probably a LOT less! And with my shopping obsession, maybe I should stick with going to law school and (hopefully) making big bucks……


A good kind of pain

26 Mar

Oh the irony…how is pain ever good? Well the kind of pain that is muscle soreness never seems to be a bad thing! Let’s see:

Sunday–Half Marathon

Monday–rest day + yoga to stretch after the Half

Tuesday–6 mile interval run

Wednesday–5 mile hill run outside…in perfect weather :)

Thursday–impromptu Bootcamp workout in Personal Training class + one hour elliptical intervals…serious workout day

Friday–BodyPump + super-speedy 5k + fitness assessment project work (aka death–wayyy too many pushups/situps)

…all of that has left me incredibly sore tonight. In a good way of course :)

I’ve had a great workout week even after running a half marathon on Sunday. It’s amazing how being so active makes recovery time so quick! Going out for a 13.1 mile run is just a workout for the books nowadays…so maybe I should look into a new challenge…a marathon? I think so ;) I am registered for the NYC Marathon lottery…and I think April 7th is the announcement day. We shall see! If I don’t get to run NYC, I’m eyeing the OBX Marathon…close to my home, plus its my favorite, favorite place in the entire world. I practically grew up there…so it would be a super-fun marathon :) Both of these are in November…which means I would be doing my longest runs during the first two months of law school…scary! I know I’m going to be busy with school…but I never sacrifice a good workout…and I never will. Law school is not going to change that…haha. I’m pretty stubborn ;)

I know there’s sooo much I need to be doing right now but quite honestly I’m being lazy and enjoying it…haha. I’ve had an extremely busy week and the rest of my time in college is going to be busybusybusy, so I’m laying low tonight. Graduation in 48 days! ;)


You Sound Like…

16 Feb

I did something last night I haven’t done since the beginning of the semester–went to bed at 11pm. And I was out within 5 minutes. I have been so exhausted since Friday…I went to bed at 1am on Thursday night/Friday morning, and then proceeded to wake up at 7:15am to drive home for the weekend. And I’ve already mentioned how it was quite a whirlwind of a weekend…ha ha seriously, I got an average of 5 hours of sleep per night that I was home. Not good, especially since I had to make the 5-hour drive back on Sunday afternoon. Anyways, my point is: I’ve been soooo tired lately and I have felt like falling asleep around 8pm! But I can’t do that because I have three super-awesome Poli Sci professors who scheduled their exams on the same day (Thursday)! Funny thing is, I haven’t exactly gotten around to much studying…oops. I am the world’s worst procrastinator…it usually works in my favor, but I have a fear that one day it will catch up to me. ha…

So after walking in -100 degree temps across campus to and from Personal Training class, I decided a nonfat, sugar-free caramel latte was necessary. When I walked up to the counter to order, however, I suddenly realized I sounded like: a) a chain smoker or b) Brooke from One Tree Hill. I prefer answer (b)…my point is, I have a terribly hoarse voice and my throat has been a little sore the past few days. I have been chugging Emergen-C like its vodka…haha okay, bad example ;) But I do not want to get sick! I have been healthy for over a year without a single cold, so I don’t want to have one now. I think this could be due to my lack of sleep over the past week, so I’ve been trying to make sure I get 8 hours every night since I got back to school on Sunday. Its something I should maintain for sure, because I get lethargic without enough sleep…haha. Not to mention, I’d like to get rid of this super-sexy raspy voice!

Well I guess I should get back to watching the Olympics studying for my THREE exams…who else is addicted to the Olympics?!


Icy Tuesday

2 Feb

Another day, more snow. That is the story of my life right now around here…I woke up this morning to some serious snow falling, and about 1/2 an inch had already fallen overnight. It made for a really yucky morning! I slid on the way to the bus stop and almost turned around and said screw classes (ha ha), but I couldn’t do it. I don’t like to miss class. I guess that’s the overachiever/perfectionist in me. Plus, I had my Personal Training class this morning and I totally didn’t want to miss that ;) Today was the first day we had to wear workout clothes (perfect messy, snowy day for it too!) and we did body composition testing and talked about preliminary client evaluations. It was interesting…a little awkward getting touchy feel-y with random people…and especially random guys. Ha ha. At least he was cute?!

After two more classes following my PT class, I have a really big break between classes. I get out of class at 1:45 and don’t go to my last class until 3:30! I usually grab coffee and find a good place to read for classes…its pretty much the only time I can commit myself to reading for classes! However, today I was not feeling it…so I went to the gym instead. I already had my workout clothes on…so it was an easy decision! I did five miles on the treadmill WITHOUT my iPod (that’s a shocker!)…it felt good! I haven’t had many solid long-er runs lately because it hasn’t been feasible to run outside and I don’t like the treadmill that much, so I usually find more exciting ways to work out…haha. I love how working out makes me feel, but it was really nice to get my workout out of the way so I could just relax and cook dinner when I got back from classes. I made a chicken stir-fry and “fried” rice (brown rice with veggies and egg whites)…it was really good! I’m getting a little more creative rather than just spinach salad with veggies & a lean turkey burger every night! ;)

I think I have some work I need to do…oops. I’ve been sucked into watching Sweet Home Alabama, for the five-thousandth time probably. I just LOVE that movie :)


Three Things Thursday

28 Jan

1. I finally made it outside to run…I did a fast 5 miles uphill, downhill, through the wind and freezing weather…no treadmill in sight! It was LOVELY ;)

2. Apparently, we’re getting a super-snowstorm this weekend…the minimum amount of snow is supposed to be 6″…yikes! Looks like I’ll be holed up in the townhouse all weekend, because I’m sure not driving in it! I actually have 4WD but we have a huge hill to go down in our neighborhood and I’m not going to attempt it…haha

3. The Personal Training class I’m taking is really awesome…next week we get to do Fitness Assessments, which means I officially have an excuse to wear workout clothes to classes 2 times next week: Tuesday & Thursday! That’s a reason to look forward to the week ahead :)


25 Jan

I was able to Force Add into the Personal Training class, so by the time May rolls around, I will be official ;) I just hope I can get a job at a gym this summer! All of my other classes are going well, and I love love love my Foods & Nutrition class! I think that even though I have six classes, I am not going to be too busy. I’ll still have time for my long workouts and what’s even more fun is I get to work out and get college credit! We also get to train clients and create a fitness plan for someone, so that should be interesting!

Tonight was the introduction of Les Mill’s BodyPump to my college…some of the group fitness instructors got certified to teach it this past Fall, and now they will be having regular BodyPump classes on the group exercise schedule! After I ran a fast mile, I went in very optimistic and confident that it would be fairly “easy” for me. HA HA. Was I ever wrong! It was probably one of the hardest workouts I’ve done…and let me tell you, free weights kick your butt in a different way than weight machines do! I feel soooooo…exhausted right now….but in a GOOD way :) I really would like to do that workout once or twice a week…I know I would see results almost immediately! So anyways, that was my night…now I need to make a (really late) dinner and read for classes so I can get some sleep before my PT class in the morning!

A free T-Shirt & a Mini Luna Bar…just for showing up!