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Fitness Philosophy

22 Feb

Today I was randomly thinking about my passion for fitness, and I realized I’ve worked out regularly since the end of 8th grade! In a very “Forrest Gump” fashion (ha ha ha), one day I just started running and it kind of stuck. Haha…that analogy is pretty funny, not to mention I love Forrest Gump. Am I the only person who watches it every time its on TV?! Anyways, back to my point…I just found a passion for running and working out, and looking back its crazy to think a 14-year old could be so dedicated to something healthy like that! To be honest, I wasn’t raised that way. I mean, as a child, I pretty much stayed outside and rode my bike or ran around outside, but my parents weren’t (and still aren’t) marathoners or fitness-crazed people like I am now…haha. My dad will ride his bike from time to time and my family will go on long walks or hikes, usually with my prompting…but that’s it. So I don’t know how that spark for fitness and health was instilled in me. I do have to give my parents cred: my family eats pretty healthily, at least 85-90% of the time. Its not perfect, but its pretty darn good :)

Anyways, when I started running way back in 2003, I would run like a mile at most. In 9th grade, when I started cheerleading, we had conditioning during the summer and we would run a mile, including up and down the stadium bleachers. I remember how everyone hated it, myself included. But it didn’t take long for me to start to appreciate it, and I remember the first time I did a mile run+bleachers at cheer practice and then I went home and ran another mile. Two miles in one day! That was a huge deal for me at the time, and looking back, its crazy to see how far I’ve come! I remember all throughout high school, I came home and did Pilates every single day after I ran, I kid you not. Wow…I don’t even do that now, but I work out harder and longer as a whole nowadays. Pilates is awesome though….maybe I should revisit my high school philosophy!

My junior year of high school, I joined the YMCA and would go about three or four times a week, on nights I didn’t have to cheer at basketball games. This is when the calorie-counting really began…seeing it on the cardio machines as I worked out. You know, I actually think I had a healthier philosophy before I joined the gym and seeing how many calories I burned after my workout! I even shared my struggle with the numbers in this post, which happened in college. However, joining the Y back in high school did make me more interested in new workouts, and when I went to college, I started doing group fitness classes at least half of the week, alternating with running or elliptical the other days. This is also when I started using workouts to burn off calories I knew I was going to drink away on the weekends. Bad philosophy! After using my freshman year of college as an excuse to go partying crazy(!), I grew up finally. I rarely ever drink now…a glass of wine here and there and at weddings or big parties…okay, I tend to go overboard but its so much fun…guess I haven’t grown up completely! But overall, I’m a lot healthier now. I have a healthier relationship with exercise, sleep (going to bed at 2am used to be normal), and alcohol (no more Wasted Wednesdays!). My running ability really has metamorphosed since that first day in 2003, and sometimes I’m shocked when I look back and see how far I’ve come! Fitness is a huge part of my life, and I love that my family and my boyfriend respect that enough wake up at 5am to go support me at races and to not think I’m crazy to wake up at 6:45am on a Saturday to go to Spin class! To me, it’s just fun…I look forward to it. The key is to find something you enjoy, and you’ll find that you really love how being fit makes you feel!



Is There Such a Thing?!

20 Feb

Its been such a nice Saturday here in the ‘Burg…for once there were no blizzards keeping me stuck inside all weekend! I contemplated going to Hot Yoga this morning, but though better of spending more money and went to the gym for an hour-long Pilates class and 35 min. of cardio intervals on the elliptical. It was a good workout and I didn’t have to shell out any more money to feel the burn ;)

Afterwards, I finally made a trip to Target…aka my favorite place. I love just going and walking around…however, I never walk out empty-handed…haha. I found the last copy of Emily Giffin’s Something Blue on sale and snapped it up. I’ve read two of her other books: Baby Proof and Love The One You’re With, and I loved both of them so much…such relate-able stories, too. I also bought some new mascara…I always always always change up my mascara brands, I think I have makeup ADD…is that such a thing?! Actually, though, I had been using Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume for a pretty long time, which is surprising for me…but I’ve been reading good things about CoverGirl LashBlast and just had to buy some today to see how it is! I’ll make sure I use it tomorrow ;)

So far I’ve had a nice weekend of doing anything but schoolwork, which was my plan anyways. haha. I even sat still long enough to watch The Notebook on ABC Family earlier, and now I’m watching re-runs of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, because let’s face it folks….it never gets old!!! Am I the only person who thinks that show is hilarious?


Three Things Thursday

21 Jan

1. We’ve been getting freezing rain since I woke up this morning at 7:45…and it actually got bad enough for the university to cancel afternoon classes. That’s took me by surprise, since they NEVER, EVER cancel classes here! Out here in the mountains, everyone is just used to winter weather. Unfortunately, this means I won’t be driving out to register at a new gym this afternoon. Guess I’ll be using the tiny gym in the clubhouse once again!

2. I am about to do something I’ve never done before…take 21 credit hours! I’ve gotten by on 15 credit hours per semester since freshman year of college, but I have to take at least 18 to graduate in May, and the extra 3 just make me feel more comfortable about having enough credits. Plus its a Food & Nutrition class, which, in retrospect, is what I should have majored in!

3. So I’m STILL sore from an Advanced Pilates class I took Tuesday! Yikes…at least that was a good workout!


Last First Day…of Undergrad!

19 Jan

Today was my “last first day” of classes at VT…wow, where has the time gone?! I’m pretty adjusted to my living situation even though its only been three days now. My roommates in the townhouse are great, and its so nice to have a kitchen to cook in and more space than just a dorm room! Last night I even cooked dinner…lean turkey burgers (for the whole week) and made a salad with spinach, light cheese, mushrooms, dried cranberries, and a few almonds. I even made a balsamic vinaigrette to put on top! Its nothing fancy, but at least I made an effort rather than buying a salad on campus that has unhealthy ingredients. I hope to cook pretty often :)

I have three classes on Tuesday/Thursday, and I decided to take the bus today rather than drive. Parking is a MAJOR situation on our campus and I didn’t want to be late for my first class! I found that I actually like taking the bus because its simple and it saves time finding a place to park. My first class was French, which I have been majorly stressing over…last semester was the first time I’d gone without a French class in 7 years! Yikes…I think its going to be a challenge, but the professor is really great. My other two classes were Political Science courses, which is my major. So I know I’ll enjoy those :)

Its nice to get out of classes early…I’ll be going to the gym early afternoon on T/TH. Today I’m going to Advanced Pilates and then getting in some really good cardio afterwards. I want to do vary my workouts so I don’t burn out or continue to injure my leg. I’m sitting here with ice on it right now because I might be doing a little running at the gym…hope it doesn’t hurt!