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Where did the weekend go?

18 Apr

Yes, I had a long(er) weekend…no classes on Friday. Yet it still seems like its gone by awfully fast! Guess that happens when you have things to get done in the two weeks before classes end ;) After the 3.2 mile run on Friday, I contemplated going to Body Pump later in the day…but quickly decided against it when I realized I was exhausted. I ran some errands, finally bought The Hangover…yes I’m obsessed with that movie…and Marley & Me, which makes me cry every time! I actually went out three separate times on Friday…good thing everything is nearby my townhouse! Avoiding schoolwork as much as I could, I watched The Hangover on Friday night…alone…and I laughed out loud as much as I would if I was watching it with other people. haha. Life’s too short to not laugh :)

Saturday, I wasted more time avoiding schoolwork…see a trend here? Then I went for a 5-mile run, napped for two hours (that NEVER happens…I was obviously tired), cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I spent the evening actually doing some work (surprising I know!) with the windows open and a cool breeze coming in the room. Lovely. I lasted about an hour before reading blogs and checking Facebook. Oops.

Today I slept in until 10…which is totally surprising for me…I usually have trouble sleeping past 8:30. I got up and made myself do some more work…then I had enough and went for a 7-mile run. I just cannot sit still and do schoolwork all day. Oh well…with that 7-miler, my weekly mileage is up to 35 miles…funny, I’m not even really training for anything right now…I’ve just been in a running mood lately instead of doing other workouts. I’m not complaining ;)

I wasted more time by going grocery shopping…easily my favorite part of the weekend. I’m one of those people…love buying fresh produce and meal ideas start popping into my mind before I leave the store. Ahh…I should just not go to law school and be a chef instead….ha ha I kid. But at least there’s a back-up plan just in case…ha.

Now I have clearly avoided schoolwork enough this weekend and I’m down to the wire to get things done…that’s how it usually is. I’m a professional procrastinator…but it works out for me. Plus, there’s really only two weeks left of my college career, so I think I can work hard for a little while longer…

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend…free from procrastination…unlike mine ;)


Time Flies

15 Feb

I can’t believe we are in the 5th week of classes already…its going by so quickly and graduation is right around the corner! I cannot wait :) I was just thinking about how stressed I am this week…but in less than 3 months it will all be worth it. Bring on the schoolwork and exams. Let’s do this ;)

I officially dropped my French minor today…it was a little sad admittedly, mostly because my French advisor is sooo nice and I know she wished I wasn’t dropping the minor! But that’s one less thing to worry about now, and I can officially graduate in May :) To be honest, I’ve really enjoyed not dealing with the stresses of Advanced French courses…it was so time consuming last year, and its nice to have more time this semester to focus on other things.

Stress, though, is still a part of my life. ha ha. Especially this week–I have three mid-term exams on Thursday. How is it that every single Political Science class I have happens to have exams on the same day?! Go figure…I should probably be studying right now, but One Tree Hill is calling my name ;) Does anyone else have a hard time making yourself sit down and study for hours at a time? Or is it just me…haha…


Procrastination At Its Finest…

31 Jan

After being stuck inside all day yesterday because of the blizzard snow storm that was happening outside, I really wanted to get out to the gym for a good workout! I mentioned yesterday that I did workout videos from Exercisetv.com, but I can only do those but so often without getting bored. So I put on my boots and grabbed my running shoes, and hoped that I wasn’t wasting my time walking to the clubhouse gym! And it was actually OPEN, surprisingly :) I know last week we had a little bit of an ice storm, nothing too serious, but the clubhouse was closed. So needless to say, I figured with over a foot of snow on the ground it would be closed today! Pleasant surprise that it wasn’t :) I decided to just focus on cardio today because I’ve done a lot of strength and toning exercises this past week, and I’m definitely feeling the soreness! I did an hour of intervals on the Elliptical at the highest level…it gets pretty intense! Then I walked for 30 minutes, about 2.5 miles(?) on the treadmill at 10% incline and 4.2 MPH. It was nice to get in a good, sweaty workout…sounds funny, but it really makes you feel better! I was counting on my Hot Yoga class to get in a good sweat, but THAT didn’t happen because of the snowstorm yesterday. Oh well, maybe this upcoming Saturday ;)

I’ve pretty successfully procrastinated today after I got back from the gym…I did some crunches & burpees for the Core Challenge, and folded laundry…and that’s about it! I’ve been reading blogs and looking up some good tofu recipes to plan my grocery list. I seem to have a problem doing schoolwork on the weekend…does anyone else have a procrastination problem?

I think I’ll make myself read a little for classes, catch up on emails, and I’ll definitely be watching The Grammy’s tonight! Hope everyone has had a great Sunday :)


Anticipation :)

10 Nov

I feel like I have soooooo much to do before this month is over…I sense a trend in my blog posts…they’re all about how many things I have to do! ha ha maybe I’m procrastinating a little. Good news is, the house is mainly clean for the party this weekend, so the only thing to do is cook, decorate, and convince my mom to leave the house with me on Saturday so my dad, aunt, and boyfriend can get to work decorating the house!

I’m looking forward to the Charlotte, NC trip with Michael…only 17 more days! We’re going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra…if you have never been to their Holiday concert, you are definitely missing out!!! It is amazing and it gets you in a Christmas mood :) Unfortunately, I have a term paper, a group project, and two exams between today and when we leave. Soooo I’m going to stay busy it looks like!


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