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Weekend Recap

15 Mar

Spring Break sure did make me slack on blog posting! Here’s a “Weekend Recap” for the second weekend in a row…so unlike me!

Saturday was my 21st, which if you read my blog, was fairly obvious. Ha ha…I’ve only mentioned it 2843243 times! The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, so I went out for a 5-mile run in the sunshine. I ran a LOT more at home than I do at school…its just better for running where I live. I love having access to all of the back country roads where there is hardly any traffic! After my run, I did some ab work and then started getting ready to go out for my birthday dinner. We left the house in plenty of time to get there, and even had time to stop by The Fresh Market so I could pick up some Spring Blend coffee…almost out of Starbucks House Blend and I wanted to try something new! We drove over to The Melting Pot for our 7pm reservation…and it didn’t disappoint, of course ;) I have been there about 4 times, my parents have been twice, and this was the boy’s first experience there. I love love love it…this is the second birthday I’ve celebrated there! We did a 4-course meal: two kinds of cheese fondue, salads, meat entrees, and a white/dark chocolate swirled dessert fondue. I was stuffed after the salad!!! I didn’t eat all of the meat….gave it to my dad and boyfriend. They’ll eat anything…haha. It was wayyy too much food…I would recommend splitting the meat entree…or just getting cheese + chocolate fondue and skipping the meat altogether! After dinner, the manager stopped by and offered to make me a free drink for my 21st…so I ordered the Strawberry Basil Lemonade which had Smirnoff Strawberry Twist vodka, lemonade, strawberries, and basil leaves. It was so good…and you could barely taste the alcohol, so that could be dangerous. ha ha. We attempted to go bar-hopping afterwards, but to be honest, the city we were in doesn’t have a lot of selection. We went to an English pub, but it had literally just opened for business and was way too crowded. So we went to a really awesome Irish pub that’s been around forever…but they weren’t allowing unders at all, so the boy couldn’t get in. He’s a youngin’ compared to me I guess. haha.  Sooo we ended up at Cheddars, which is like a chain restaurant/bar…not exactly where I had planned to go, but it turned out fine. The waiter was excellent and hilarious, and he talked everyone (except my boyfriend) into ordering drinks. I got my mojito! It was actually really good, but this particular one was verrrry strong. I thought better of having another of those, so I ended up being talked into a 24 oz. Coors Light. For some reason, it tasted soooo much better now that I’m “legal”…haha I’m not sure that even makes sense! But now, the possibilities are endless…I’m not even much of a drinker…seriously…but I had the urge to buy a bottle of wine when I stopped at the grocery store tonight, just because I can. I didn’t buy it though…guess I’m not that exciting!

After having drinks, I literally fell asleep in the car on the way home. I just can’t hang anymore. haha. Freshman year of college I could stay out and drink until 3am…okay, that isn’t something I should be proud of…but you get my point ;) Once I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep (did I mention it was almost 1am at this point?!)…I even passed up Funfetti Birthday cake (my fave!) that my mom made healthy just for me with egg whites + applesauce! Don’t worry, I had cake for lunch yesterday to make up for it.

I had planned to drive back to school yesterday, but eh, that didn’t happen after Saturday night. I was sooo tired so I decided to drive back on Monday. So I ended up going to my gym for Spin class + strength training. It was a much-needed detoxifier….I always feel better once I sweat out the alcohol. haha. It was nice to spend another night at home with the fam & the boy. I really dread going back to school, but only 2 more months to go! Oh and I’ll be driving home again in 4 days for the Shamrock Half Marathon on Sunday…soooo I have that to look forward to this week :) Minus all the work I have to do, I mean…


Weekend Recap!

8 Mar

Well it was definitely an eventful and busy weekend! Friday, I was driving home from the ‘Burg for 5 hours, then I went for an 8-mile run that was nothing short of exciting…ha ha. Saturday, I got to go birthday shopping and I finally got my Longchamp bag that I’ve been drooling over ;) And Sunday, the fam, the boy, and I took a drive to the beach (OBX) for the day. We took my SUV because it has 4WD and we had planned to drive on the beach. So we woke up early and headed towards the beach. I had already decided on getting in a run on the beach, and the boy actually said he would run, too! I can get him to run with me occasionally, but he just isn’t loving it…he prefers strength training and playing basketball for hours rather than running. But I haven’t given up…still trying to convert him to running with me! Anyways, we both started off running together, and he stopped at about mile 1.5 and I kept going until I made it to 2.5 miles. And that is when I got a text message from one of my best friends (we’ve been great friends since high school)…she got engaged over the weekend! I am so so so thrilled for her…so exciting! Wow, so many of my friends have gotten married/engaged recently…makes me feel old! Looks like the boy & I are going to be among the LAST of our friends to get married…he has a year of school left and then one year to get his Master’s degree, and I have three years of law school ahead! So anyways, after all of that excitement, I turned around and started on my way back to catch up with the boy and continue running back to the starting point. I told him the exciting news and he was possibly in shock(?!) that another of our friends is engaged! He said he’s jealous of all of our friends…I know he’s so ready to propose, but he really wants to finish school and secure a job before we do anything drastic! ;) So we made our way back…I ended up doing about 5 miles total…I LOVE running on the beach! I plan to live near a beach and be able to do that whenever I want to! :)

After a late lunch with the fam, we all headed home. About 30 minutes in, my dad noticed my car was running rough…so we pulled off at the only place nearby, a Rest Area. Welp, long story short, the brake pads were sticking, which caused exceedingly hot temperatures from the friction and can essentially cause the tire to melt and the car to catch on fire…LOVELY. So we were basically stranded. Luckily, my uncle, a mechanic(!) made the 1.5 hour drive and he and my dad fixed the problem right there! We made it home much later than planned, but hey, its Spring Break so no worries! ;)

I was sooo exhausted after the craziness of the weekend, so I went to bed fairly early and got about 9 hours of sleep! It feels weird to be at home, doing nothing…but I guess I should enjoy it while I have the opportunity!

Pretty beach & perfect running weather ;)


Clouds, Wind, and Skunks, oh my…

5 Mar

Haha yes I encountered every single one of those things while on my run today! After a glorious 5-hour drive in the bright sunshine and listening to music…fun(!), I finally made it HOME :) Its sooo nice to be home…my little Chloe greeted me at the door! I decided that I was going to RUN outside since the weather was so pretty…50 degrees and sunny. So I got ready to run, and when I walked out the door…it got cloudy :( So I had shorts on and let’s just say it was…FREEZING! I was planning on a 5-6 mile run, but I felt really good so I ended up doing 8! Halfway through, I was running on the side of the road (at home, I run on backroads!) and I saw something black out of the corner of my eye…yeah, you know where this is going. Without really looking, I assumed it was roadkill…then I saw it MOVE. It was a LIVE skunk!!! I barely even thought about what to do before I hauled ASS…haha, no seriously. I have never encountered a skunk before…I don’t know if they chase or bite…but I do know that they spray a hideous odor if you get near them. So needless to say, I got away from it ASAP. That was an adventure. Actually, I rarely encounter any animals even though I’m practically running on backroads in the woods, basically. I do see the occasional deer (which I am terrified of?!) and hear a rustle in the woods, and I tend to run faster, but never have I seen a skunk or fox or raccoon, thank goodness! I have seen a snake before, which definitely made me sprint…but this is coming from the girl who found a snake in our NEW HOUSE a few summers ago. Yikes.

So I guess today has already been quite an adventure at home, and the rest Spring Break will only be more exciting! My parents just got home from work, so we’re going to cook dinner and then the boy is finally going to come over…3 weeks away from him is far too long!!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday! ;)

Three Things Thursday

4 Mar

1. TOMORROW…Spring Break begins :) I’m leaving bright and early in the morning to make the 5-hour drive home. I am sooooo excited…in fact I’ve been pretty high on life today ;) I just love home, family, the boy, my dog, my friends….for a whole week. Ahh :)

2. I am officially 9 days away from being the big 2-1. Wow time flies…I feel like I should still be in high school, and yet I’ll be graduating from college in 2.5 months! I’m going to The Melting Pot for my 21st birthday dinner…and I’m still in search of the best mojito in Hampton Roads. Because I will definitely be finding it March 13th. haha :)

3. My university has a really big Relay for Life every year (we had the #1 collegiate event last year!), and I’ve participated every year since I’ve been in school here. I had so much fun the first year that I signed up to be on the Executive Planning Committee last year and I’m on the Relay Staff this year. I just love love love it, and its for such a good cause. I relay in honor of my Aunt Nancy, who was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2008. She is still fighting it, but is doing better. I’m so glad that she’s participating this year…and I’m so grateful for family & friends that have been donating and helping my fundraising efforts. Its such a good feeling to know we’re all helping out the American Cancer Society. Do you Relay???


Too many “wants”

3 Mar

Lately I’ve found myself wanting a lot of things…material things. I see a purse I want and I just feel like I HAVE to have it. I see a cute ski jacket that I want…and I “need” a new one. I want to go on a cruise this year…the one in 2007 was far too long ago. I want to go somewhere warm and tropical for Spring Break…because I haven’t been on a “real” Spring Break trip since I’ve been in college…and I’m graduating in May. I want some cute shoes I saw online the other day…because you can never have enough shoes! I want a new(er) car…because I will be driving long distances between home & law school mostly likely for the next 3 years. Plus the 5 hours that I currently drive home from college right now. I want some new clothes for Spring and Summer…because, like shoes, you can never have enough clothes. And I think part of my “wanting” new things is because my birthday is in 10 days, its Spring Break and I’m jealous of friends who are going on awesome trips, and because I graduate in May and want an awesome graduation present (like the cruise I got for high school graduation!). But I feel like none most of this is going to happen, because, in 5 months I’ll start accumulating the $100,000 debt that we like to call law school. I know its going to pay off in the end, and there will come a day when I’ll be able to splurge from time to time as a reward for my hard work. I need to look at the big picture…being a lawyer is a prestigious thing, or at least it was when I was younger! So I’m going to be positive and think about how successful I’ll be one day…hopefully in the near future! ;) Does anyone else find themselves lusting over a lot of material things from time to time???

A Weekend of Improvisation ;)

28 Feb

After failing to get to a Hot Yoga class yesterday, I knew that my goal for today was to finally make it to the studio! Ideally, I’d love to do Hot Yoga at least once a weekend, but between snowed-in weekends we’ve had since January and then traveling home a few weekends ago, I have only had the chance to go three times so far. I really wanted to get a session in before I go home for Spring Break on Friday(!)…and I might be making a trip out sometime next week to my favorite Hot Yoga studio near my hometown ;)

Anyways, I woke up at 6am this morning with a sore throat…and the TV volume up pretty loud. Apparently I fell asleep while watching SNL last night and slept for ~6 hours with the volume up loud. Did anyone see SNL last night? I love J. Lo! But back to that sore throat…I’ve been having “allergies” the past week or so, and I’m beginning to think its a cold…but I don’t know. It hasn’t gotten worse, but it certainly hasn’t gotten better. When I woke up at 6am, I chugged a pack of Emergen-C…and then another around 11. Can’t be getting sick right before Spring Break!!! After all of that, I decided I would start on some school work (surprise, I know), and I also did laundry and cleaned the kitchen, my room, and bathroom. I was on a roll apparently ;) Then I still really wanted to get in a 5-mile run, so I braved the cold and snow flurries and went out for the run a little before I was supposed to go to Hot Yoga. I got back around 3, and left for yoga at 3:30. I felt fine, but I probably should’ve drank more water and possibly had 1/2 banana. The yoga studio was extra hot and humid today…even the instructor noticed and acknowledged it…she turned on the ceiling fan and opened the door to let in a little cool air! I started to feel very lightheaded and nauseated while we were standing and doing balance poses, so I had to go into Child’s Pose a few times. This is sooooo rare for me…I never get that dizzy feeling! I think it was a combination of the extra hot studio, sweating on my 5-mile run before yoga, and not replacing electrolytes. I also normally do Hot Yoga first thing in the morning, so I have never ran before a class before. But overall, it was still a great session and I feel really rejuvenated now! :)

I’m sure that running outside didn’t help my potential “cold”…but when I have something I want to do, better believe I’m going to do it! ha ha…so I didn’t get my 10-miler today, but I got 5 yesterday, 5 today and Hot Yoga. So it all balanced out anyways :) It was a pretty good weekend, and the best part is that in less than 5 days, I’ll be headed home for a whole week! ;)


Let the countdown begin…

26 Feb

Ah, a week from today, I’ll be at home with my fam & the boy…and my friends from home. For a whole week. I actually have a hard time believing this semester is almost halfway over! Crazy…I’ll be graduating in about 76 days. I don’t think its really “hit” me yet…haha. It will be hitting me like a ton of bricks when I pack my bags to head to law school…I’ll definitely be in for it then!!! And I complain about the workload I have now…I’m most certainly in for a rude awakening!

As it always turns out, my birthday week always falls during Spring Break, so I get to enjoy my bday with family, which is perfectly fine with me. But this year is my 21st(!), and sadly I won’t be back at school yet to do a bar crawl…aka, birthday tradition in the ‘Burg. Maybe I’ll have to have a “belated” bar crawl…hey, I’ve gotta live it up while I can…did I mention I’m graduating in 76 days?!?! ;)

So the other night I came across my MySpace page…yes, I forgot I even had a Myspace account! I haven’t checked it in forever…and I had the long list of messages and comments to prove it! Anyways, just for fun, I decided to go back and read some old messages (emphasis on the OLD….circa 2005-2006!) from past boyfriends. Hahaha let’s just say it made for a hilarious evening of reminiscing, and I clearly had all the boys wrapped around my finger. Oh wait…I still do ;) Ha…but really, looking back on things that were said years ago, I don’t think I fully embraced the thoughtfulness by many of the guys that I dated while in high school. In fact, for lack of better words, I tended to be quite a bee-yotch! ha ha…sometimes I wish I could go back and change things, but I really do have it good now…I’m in a great relationship with a great guy, so I guess things do work out in the end :)

Well this was a really, really random post…haha…it goes to show how my mind works most of the time. Constantly confused and always random. I’m kidding ;)


Three Things Thursday

18 Feb

I totally meant to post last night, but I got caught up studying for my THREE exams that I had today and didn’t have time…oops! Speaking of those three exams…wow, can I just say I’ve never been happier that the day is over?!

1. I feel like this week has been full of boring workouts…I’ve been so busy that I haven’t done Spinning or BodyPump or Hot Yoga…I’ve done an hour of cardio every day-elliptical intervals on Monday, 5 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday, 50 minute Strength/Cardio DVD on Wednesday, and hill intervals on the elliptical today. So very plain. That’s why my plans for tomorrow are BodyPump in the afternoon and then hitting it hard for some speed intervals on the treadmill. And hopefully hot yoga on Saturday? We’ll see…

2. Spring Break is officially two weeks away, and I couldn’t be happier. It also means that graduation is right around the corner…scary, but exciting ;)

3. USA Men’s Snowboarding team is full of hotties….mmm…I was totally distracted last night while attempting to study. ha ha. But most of them are really short…which is a problem because I’m tall and can’t stand guys that are shorter than me. That’s a dilemma. Haha…disclaimer: I’m completely in love with my hawt boyfriend, who happens to be quite a bit taller than me, so no worries ;)

Three Things Thursday!

14 Jan

This is my first “Three Things Thursday” post…trying something new :)

1. I’m thinking that taking Spin class & Abs class and strength training is not such a great thing to do the day after running 12 miles. Oh well, I actually feel less sore now.

2. I really did just inquire about the price of a Cartier engagement ring…I’m just curious about it. Ha ha…I’m still holding out for the Tiffany’s engagement ring my boyfriend promised. I hear he’s already been saving up for it ;)

3. I was just thinking how much fun it would be to run in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in March. I’m kind of signed up for the Shamrock Marathon in VB on March 22…but this half-marathon would make a really sweet 21st birthday present…it’s my last college Spring Break, I turn 21, I would get to run (which is my favorite thing to do of course!), and be in warm, sunny Florida…sounds pretty awesome. Hint Hint :)