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7. Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts

7 Dec

I love coffee. Who else is with me on that?! You could say I’m a Starbucks “addict.” Yes, I have a Gold Card…and you can usually find me there 5 out of 7 days a week, at least during the academic year. haha. I justify it because I go sit in Starbucks for hours at a time to get work done and study…using the free wifi, so I don’t feel so bad spending $2 or $3 on a drink. That said, I rarely ever buy the more expensive drinks (any espresso drinks). I don’t like to spend $5 on a latte…just doesn’t seem right. However, there are a few really good holiday-themed drinks that you might can justify spending a little extra $$$ on. Even if its just ONCE ;)

Now, even though I’m a Starbucks girl, I will go to Dunkin Donuts from time to time. I don’t think that Dunkin’s coffee is quite as good, but that’s just my opinion! Its really not much cheaper than Starbucks, but its a nice change every once in a while…and Dunkin also has a few holiday-themed drinks!




Here are a few of Starbucks and Dunkin’s holiday drinks, made “light”, of course. They are seriously dangerous to your diet if you don’t ask for “light”!

1. Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte (Grande) – Cal: 270, Made with Nonfat Milk and No Whipped Cream






2. Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee (Medium) – Cal: 160, Add a little Nonfat Milk for Added Protein






3. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (Grande) – Cal: 260, With Nonfat Milk and No Whipped Cream






4. Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread Coffee (Medium) – Cal: 170, Ask for Nonfat Milk for Added Protein






5. Starbucks Gingerbread Latte (Grande) – Cal: 200, With Nonfat Milk and No Whipped Cream







These are just a few of the many options you can order at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. I’m not going to make a  judgment call on which is better…I think its all about personal preference! Nutritionally speaking, both can be pretty good for you and both can be REALLY bad for you. Be wary of specialty drinks like these, and always ask for Nonfat and No Whip if you’re counting calories and fat grams! If you want to treat yourself without going on calorie overload, be sure to stick with the smallest size! :)


Things I Love About Fall…

29 Sep
  • The leaves as they change from green to all shades of orange, yellow, and red…
  • Nonfat Pumpkin Spice Lattes…I get the sense that PSLs are everyone’s favorite thing about Fall ;)
  • FOOTBALL…need I say more?!
  • Cool weather…which I’m currently still waiting for!
  • Pumpkins and other Fall decor
  • Going to the mountains to pick apples at my favorite orchard: Check it out!
  • Fall fashion…in LOVE with sweaters and boots and cute jackets and scarves. Ah.
  • The smell of peanuts being picked
  • Peanut Fest…if you don’t know what this is, you’re missing out ;)
  • Fall is also the unofficial start of race season for all of us runners out there! I am so excited…kicking it off with a Halloween 10k at the Oceanfront. Maybe I’ll actually dress up this time?!
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving…pretty much my favorite holiday…minus Christmas, of course :)
  • …And what’s Thanksgiving without: The MACY’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Truly, the best part about Fall is that I get to spend lots of quality time with family & friends and stay busy busy busy…until after Christmas, pretty much. If there’s one thing I thrive on, its being BUSY. haha. And as I just learned a few days ago when I was writing on my calendar, I have absolutely NO free weekends between now and after New Years! Crazy…but I like it! I hope everyone is finding their Fall to be very eventful…even though I’m sure we’re ALL busy, try to stop and take it all in…enjoy the moment ;)


Three Things Thursday

20 May

1. I got a new treadmill at HOME! I’ve wanted one for such a long time…just for those days when the weather is gross or I don’t have time to drive to the gym. I tested it out today with a 7-mile run…its awesome ;)

2. I went to my first Spin class in forEVER at my hometown gym last night. Saw some of my favorite people too…I’m so glad to be home and working out at my favorite gym!

3. I’ve been really, really relaxed (i.e. lazy) this week…minus hitting the gym, appointments, doing fun things and stopping at Starbucks for iced coffee. Ha. I guess my excuse is I’m living it up before I start working???


Newfound Optimism

23 Mar

I think my long weekend at home really helped me de-stress! I was sooo overwhelmed last Thursday when I decided to skip classes and drive home earlier than planned. It turns out that I didn’t really miss anything in class and I got almost 8 pages written on one of my papers over the weekend…in addition to: laying out and getting a tan 2 days in a row, spending time with the fam & the boy, and running a wonderful half marathon on Sunday, my best yet! ;) I have felt sooo great ever since the half…not sore or anything. I did yoga yesterday just to stretch, and today I ran 6 miles of intervals! I’m feeling so good…looks like a great time to start marathon training! ha ha

I drove back to school Monday morning and made it back just in time to make a stop at Starbucks (caffeine was necessary), find a place to park, and walk to class. After running a few errands, I finally made it back to the house and unpacked (I always bring WAY too much stuff!), and wrote a paper that was due today…yeah, nothing like waiting ’til the last minute! I still have to finish the paper I worked on at home…I need about 2 more pages…and then write another paper. Both are due Thursday. Yikes. Did I mention I have an exam tomorrow? Yeah, I should probably go study… ;)

I’ll leave you with a picture of an adorable gift I got in the mail today…Kirby over at GoodGals, Inc sent me a “Red” themed gift basket…because I won her Bachelor-themed contest! I correctly guessed the number of times that the word Jake would be said on the finale…don’t ask me HOW I managed to do that, but I did! Thanks, Kirby…I love the gift basket…so cute!

Sorry the crappy phone picture doesn’t do it any justice…haha


Busy Spring Break

10 Mar

Its been a busy week so far…what happened to Spring Break?! Oh well, I won’t complain…at least I’ve been doing things other than school! Monday afternoon I decided to do a run/bike workout…just to change it up a little bit ;) I ran 7 miles and then biked 5 miles…I planned to do more biking but it was getting dark really quickly! I cooked dinner for the fam…made an awesome Mediterranean pizza with Feta, mushrooms, spinach, fresh tomato, and olives. Plus tzatziki and pita on the side. It was so good…Greek food is just awesome. Tuesday, I had a busy, busy day. Woke up at 8am and went to the gym for Spin class and weights…I’m still sore…ahh. I finally made it to the chiropractor for an adjustment…I highly recommend them, especially if you’re a runner! Then I got my hair cut….I got about 4 inches cut off and added layers…its nice to have a change :) Even though my hair is still pretty long…haha. Afterwards, my boyfriend took me shopping for my birthday! No one knows what to buy me, so they just take me shopping. Ha, I won’t complain too much ;) We went to the outlets, because I really just wanted running apparel. I’m pretty simple. ha ha (not really). I got a racerback tank from UnderArmour and workout capris and running capris from Adidas. You can never have enough workout clothes! Then he took me to Panera (aka Heaven), Trader Joes (which is a close 2nd to Heaven), and Starbucks, which I think everyone knows I’m addicted to…ha ha :)

Oh yeah, and I accepted a job to lifeguard again, for another summer. After I said I wasn’t going to do it again. Its just so…enticing. I literally sit by a pool that’s empty 65% of the time and get to tan and read trashy gossip magazines…and get paid. Yeah….I should definitely look into a serious job. On that note, I’m about to head out the door to beg for a job at a law firm in town. Maybe I can convince them to hire me…haha!


Early Birthday Present :)

6 Mar

Ahhh today was SO nice…the weather was in the upper 50s and it was sooo sunny. I have been waiting for this weather for a long time! This morning, I slept in ’til 9am…which is pretty late for me. And then, I did nothing. It was so nice…I sat around in the kitchen drinking coffee and chatting with my parents. I love doing that…we always have things to talk about and catch up on since I’m away at school most of the time! After being “lazy” all morning, I decided to go to the gym to get some serious strength training in. I ended up doing a full body workout of 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps, and then did 4 miles of running intervals on the treadmill…lovely workout! I’m feeling a little muscle soreness creeping up tonight ;)

Tonight, my parents took me shopping for my birthday. See, I NEVER know what I want, and I’m really picky…so they just take me shopping instead of picking things out for me! I got my long-lusted-after Longchamp bag that I mentioned not once, but twice on the blog! haha :) I ended up buying the Le Pliage Medium tote in Graphite from Nordstrom…I love it. Finally broke my habit of buying a Coach purse EVERY birthday! And then I made the obligatory stop at Victoria’s Secret…yes, its true–I never leave the mall without buying something at VS! ha ha :) Then I used my birthday coupon for a free drink at Starbucks…ah, so nice to get my Starbucks fix for free. As much $$$ as I spend there, I should get coupons daily…haha.

Tomorrow, my fam & the boy and I are driving down to the beach for the day. Its supposed to be warm(ish) weather, so we’re taking the 4WD and off-roading it. I’m wearing workout clothes and def taking advantage of the weather and the beach…going for a run on the sand! Love it. I really love being home…although I feel like I have something planned for every day of the week, literally! Monday or Wednesday, my boyfriend is taking me shopping (another present-buying day…haha, see NO one can shop for me!), Tuesday is appt day: hair, chiropractor, whatever else I can find (massage…jk!), and then Thursday & Friday…we’re going back to Charlotte, NC! I’m looking into Law School there…well, I’ve been accepted, so I’m going to just take a tour of the school and see what its like :) I am definitely making a trip to Southpark Mall…you can never do enough shopping ;) And then Saturday, which is my last full day at home…sadly…we have dinner reservations for my 21st birthday! Busy, busy week to look forward to….I think it’ll be great! ;)


So excited!

12 Feb

I’m HOME finally :) The five-hour drive went by quickly thanks to a Caffe Misto from Starbucks and some sweet music! ha ha. The snow on the mountains was really pretty…I think I have a newfound appreciation for it. Especially since I’m not trapped inside anymore!

So the first thing I always do when I get home (after hugging the fam and paying attention my love Chloe, of course) is turn on my laptop. I always feel like I miss so much when I don’t have my computer on for hours at a time. That’s usually the case since I always have 30490 billion emails to read when I log-in. Well, to my surprise, I got an email letting me know I was accepted at Charlotte School of Law! I’m sooo thrilled…I just love Charlotte, NC and it happens to be the only law school in the area! So that made my day for sure :) And now I am up to 2 acceptances, it makes my life less stressful…I’ll definitely be going to law school in the Fall!

I have a serious withdrawal from my local YMCA…I’m going in a little while to do a Spinning class and an Abs class. They seriously have the best Spinning instructors. I am not a fan of the ones at the gym by my university! So I’m excited to go visit with old friends that I used to see on a daily basis…need to catch up on all the gossip ;) ha ha just kidding! My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, since I’m running the 14k tomorrow. 8.67 miles. No big deal. HA well, it usually isn’t. He’s just not as hardcore as I am, and he will admit it too! ;) Hope everyone’s Friday has been fab so far :)


A Few Of My Favorite Things ;)

9 Feb

To prevent pure boredom for readers of my blog tonight, I decided I would do a theme post! I really had quite an uneventful day, so there isn’t much to share…haha. Enjoy :)

1. Starbucks – I’m convinced Starbucks just tastes better…not to mention it instantly makes my day better! My favorites are: Skinny Mochas, Christmas Blend coffee, Light Caramel Frappuccinos (with sugar-free caramel!), and Tazo Iced Green Tea. I’m just addicted to anything from Starbucks, in general. So much that I got my boyfriend hooked on it too…which is great, because now he always pays! ;)

2. Coach Bags – I think I also have a slight addiction to these as well…oops. I tend to make up “reasons” to get a new Coach bag. I call them “traditions” now…see, I get one for my birthday, which becomes my Spring handbag…then Summer rolls around and there happens to be a sweet Coach outlet at the beach we vacation at…so that becomes my “Late Summer/Fall” handbag. Its quite a tradition, I must say.

3. My iPod – I’m addicted (sensing a trend here?! Maybe I need materialistic rehab…). I listen to it during my runs, on the elliptical, occasionally when doing weights, in the car, and even at night while I’m laying in bed. I got into this weird habit of listening to music to fall asleep. Not sure how that happened!

4. Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Because who can resist a short and sweet way to get your trashy TV fix?! It seems like people either really LOVE the show or really HATE it. I’m one of the crazies who loves it…but hey, its always entertaining…and usually makes me feel that much better about my intelligence level.

5. Victoria’s Secret – Victoria can do no wrong in my book…its usually the first store I hit up at any shopping center, and I always walk out with a huge shopping bag full of new things. I practically live in VS PINK fold-over yoga pants. They’re comfy and cute and versatile. I refuse to wear anything but VS undies…and I’m not ashamed to admit I have a drawer full plus some still with tags! Now that they have my school in the Collegiate Collection–well, they just found a new way to take my money! ;)

What are your favorite things? Is everyone as materialistic as I am?! ha ha…seems like a continuing theme from yesterday‘s post!


Lovely weekend :)

15 Dec

This past weekend was really great…and I got so much done too! :) Friday evening, my boyfriend & I went to his aunt’s 50th Surprise Party…I’m beginning to think those 50th suprises are a trend! ;) After that, I went home and started preparing for my three Finals. No breaks for me!

Saturday, I got to spend some time with my Mama while we went shopping for Christmas cards, things to make Cinnamon ornaments (which turned out great!), and of course, a stop at Starbucks! I think its becoming an unhealthy (i.e. expensive) habit, but its one I am not willing to give up! Later, my boyfriend & I met up for dinner with one of our really good friends and her boyfriend. It was so nice to see each other, and I think the night was great :)

Sunday is usually always my day to devote to schoolwork, but since the semester is over except for exams, I didn’t really have to dedicate the whole day to doing work for once! I helped make the Cinnamon ornaments for the tree (the recipe can be found here), signed the family Christmas cards (I always get this task for some reason…haha), and got to watch “Christmas Vacation” with the fam! If you know my family, you know that is THE movie of the holidays! :)

One exam out of the way as of Mondayyyyy, and two more to go…I wrote 4.5 pages of an 8-page paper that is due Friday, so I’m not feeling too stressed…yet! Looks like Wednesday is going to be shopping day (yes, a little behind on that…haha)! Can’t wait :)

Pretty ornaments that are super easy to make :)


Wonderful weekend in the city

1 Dec

The trip to Charlotte, NC was amazing…a long drive though!!! 5 hours plus dealing with traffic…but we made it fun :) We got to the city around 2pm on Saturday, and after checking into the Hilton, went walking around. Strangely enough, the city was pretty much deserted! I’m not used to that…every big city I’ve been to ALWAYS has people walking around and lots of stores and restaurants open. So after wandering around and finding pretty much every store closed, we decided to watch the VT/UVA game in a nearby sports bar. That turned out to be really fun…every wall was covered with TVs so we kept up with multiple games at once and I got to see my Hokies win :) After the game, we went back to the hotel and got ready for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. The arena was only a few blocks from our hotel, so the walk wasn’t bad and it wasn’t too cold outside either. The concert was really nice, but suprisingly, not as good as I expected. Last year it was actually better…don’t quote me on this, but it seemed as though they used the EXACT same playlist for the first half of the show as they did last year. A little disappointing, but overall still a good show!

Sunday, after checking out of the hotel (by the way, this is the first hotel where I’ve seen a NOON checkout time!), we stopped at Starbucks, which always makes me happy to know that I found a guy who loves Starbucks as much as I do :) On the way home, we stopped in Concord Mills, NC…which if you don’t know, is a WONDERFUL shopping area. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area! We spent wayyy too much time and money there, but had lots of fun. I think Sunday was actually a better day than Saturday overall :) We got home super late for a Sunday night, and I did not want to go to class the next day. So I slept late, and went to 4 out of 5 classes. Can’t believe there are only 5 more days of classes to go…where did the semester go?! On that note, I should get back to my three 10-12 page papers due within a week…yikes!


Pretty lights in Charlotte

Hotel room at the Hilton

Super huge Bass Pro Shops and Outdoor World :)