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A Day Full of Potential

2 Apr

So I had my day allllll planned out yesterday…I woke up earlier than usual, packed my car, went to the gym, then went to classes. I was on my way home by 2pm…and then I went up the first big hill on the way out of the ‘Burg. And my car like…stuttered? coughed? hesitated? Ha I don’t even know the words to describe it. I kept driving, thinking it was a one-time occurrence. Oh but I was clearly wrong, and I had just gotten on I-81, which is the scariest highway of all time. Traffic rarely goes under 80mph and the majority of the road is overtaken by 18-wheelers. Always a stressful ride…even though I’m only on 81 for about 40 minutes. Thank goodness! Well, yesterday, my car kept doing the hesitating thing, so I was clearly freaking out. I pulled over at a rest area and called my dad because he’s the best mechanic I know…although its really hard to explain car problems over the phone. He was convinced it was bad fuel and told me to keep driving. At this point, I’m in tears. I was TERRIFIED to keep driving…but I did. I even went to an auto parts store at my dad’s suggestion and bought something to put into the gas tank to fix the water-in-the-gasoline problem. Well, I thought it had worked for about 30 miles…then it started messing up again. I was a MESS at this point and called my mom in tears. My parents ended up driving out and meeting me halfway so my dad could drive my car home. Let’s just say my parents are the greatest.

After THAT experience, I was crazy enough to get back in my car today and drive to the gym. Because my dad said it was driveable. And because I was not skipping 9:15 Spin class and lifting afterwards. I’m pretty stubborn. Haha. I had my fingers crossed the entire drive to and from the gym! Luckily, I made it back home safely. I spent the rest of today laying outside in the 85-degree weather! Does that really happen in April?! Wow, it has been a gorgeous day :) I also got a littleeeee bit sunburned…or a lot. Oops. I honestly think its because I haven’t been out in a bikini since last summer so my skin was bound to burn. Since I don’t go tanning anymore, I don’t keep that year-round fakebake glow. And I’m totally okay with that. Except that getting sunburned today probably wasn’t much better than laying in a tanning bed. Oh well, hopefully that won’t happen again!

Tomorrow morning is the 5k with the boy and one of our friends…I’m a little pumped. I want to get a PR…well beat my time from last year…for the 5k this time around. haha. I’ve sure been running enough sprints to pick up my speed! I’m a little nervous about the heat actually…I much prefer to run in cool weather, but its going to feel like summer here, even in the morning! Oh well better get used to it…warm weather is definitely among us ;)


Gorgeous Day

31 Mar

What a lovely day…its sunny and warm and breezy. Just perfect. And that’s saying a lot considering I’m talking about the ‘Burg…aka my least favorite place! But I’m in a great mood today…which probably has something to do with the fact that I’m going home tomorrow for a long Easter weekend :) I always go home for Easter because my family and the boy’s family always have big Easter lunch/dinners…but instead of leaving Friday, I’m leaving Thursday afternoon because my professor decided to cancel my late class. So glad. I find that as the weeks get busier as we get closer to graduation, I get stressed and just want to LEAVE this place! So having weekends at home every now and then make it a whole lot better :)

I’ve been pretty good about getting things done over the past week and a half…which is good since I’m not as stressed anymore! I have tons of work, but as of right now, its all spaced out just right…thank goodness. I actually made a list of everything I have to do today and even put times beside it….haha. So in a few minutes I’m heading out for a ~7 mile run in this gorgeous weather so I can get back and finish everything else I have to do! I never sacrifice exercise…it always makes me feel sooo much better once I get a good sweat in ;) Does anyone else make exercise a big priority?

So excited to be at home with the fam tomorrow. You’ll find me laying outside tanning all day Friday ;) And Saturday, I’m running the 5k race with the boy and one of our friends…so excited. Apparently, they have been training quite a bit, so I’m sure I’m going to be impressed with their 5k time! I’ve been speed training quite a bit myself…trying to go for a record 5k time. Hey, why not? :)


A little too much

19 Mar

So in the midst of a crazy busy three weeks, one of my roommates convinced me to go out for St. Patty’s Day. Part of me reallllly wanted to (just turned 21…first AND last St. Patty’s Day in college…yeah) but part of me knew I should stay in and get some work done. Ha ha…let’s just say, you only live once—I went out ;) I honestly haven’t been much of a partier since freshman year of college…and I don’t really miss it. But I wanted to have this experience…plus I really wanted to finally go bar-hopping since I didn’t on my birthday! We got an early-ish start around 8:30 and 4 of us split a pitcher of Guinness…yikes, not my favorite. Then a friend bought us a round of Lemon Drops for my 21st…they were pretty good actually. We ended up at another bar doing Irish Car Bombs…pretty good but you have to chug it or it curdles because of the Bailey’s! After dropping off a friend at another bar (we didn’t drink anything there), we went back to bar #2 and I was forced to take a tequila shot…which I actually like tequila, so NBD…haha. I should mention that I had yet to buy my own drink…perks of being a birthday girl ;) I probably should’ve stopped at that point (it was only like 10pm…haha) but nooo. Next up, a Blue Moon…one of my favorites actually. And followed that with a Coors Light. Then moved on to bar #3, and I was ready to go home at that point! We get our hands stamped and go upstairs and meet up with friends…then my roommate disappears. Yeah, she left. So I’m stuck with no way to get home and all I wanted to do was SLEEP. Its almost midnight at this point. I asked a mutual friend if he knew how I could get home…he said he could definitely get us a ride around 12:30 or 1. Noooo, I was way too tired at that point. Knowing the buses stop running at midnight, I started walking downstairs…and he followed me and offered to drive me home. But we had to walk over a mile to his apartment to get his car. Sweet. Did I mention I’m wearing 5″ heels??? Fortunately(?) the alcohol numbed my feet so I didn’t feel the pain of my very cute heels. It was all kind of a blur, but it seemed like we made it back to his apartment in record time. I don’t remember what was said during that walk…hopefully nothing embarrassing. Oh well. So I got a ride back and immediately collapsed in bed. Good thing I set my alarm before I even started drinking! I woke up after sleeping 7 hours and felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck. Yeah…and I had to go to Personal Training class. Always a good thing to do, get plastered and go to a class that promotes health and well-being. Let’s just say it won’t happen again. I honestly don’t enjoy drinking a lot and I’m definitely not going out on a weeknight again. Not worth it! I’ll stick to my “early to bed, early to rise” mantra and catch up on Keeping With The Kardashians while doing schoolwork. It’s much more worthwhile in the long run ;)

I made another “bad” life choice (or good life choice…in my opinion) by choosing to skip classes and drive home yesterday instead of waiting until tonight. It was totally worth it. This is Shamrock Sportsfest weekend…the half marathon is on Sundayyyy ;) I feel SO much more prepared than I did last year and I’m looking forward to it. Ahh, right now I’m living the life: laying in the yard, tanning and catching up on blogs. Classes, what classes? ;)


A Nice Bronze Glow…

2 Mar

Who doesn’t want a nice summery glow, especially when the weather is so gloomy. This time of year is when the college girls invade the tanning salons in town and on a good day, you wait an hour for a tanning bed that you’ll use for ~15 minutes. I used to be one of those girls…up until last May, actually. I started tanning in the Spring of my senior year in high school…I was getting ready to go on a cruise, and I wanted to have a “base tan”…didn’t want to look pasty on my first days in the Caribbean! Isn’t that funny? Most of us attempt to get tan before we go on vacation to a place where we’ll get really tan. Its really ironic, but a lot of us do it. In fact, I continued to do that every Spring for 3 years. I just loved the atmosphere of a tanning salon, the tropical smell, and the warm tanning beds felt sooooo good on a snowy day. Not to mention that “healthy” glow you noticed almost immediately, and how smooth your skin feels after tanning. I was hooked. Sure, there was always that underlying issue of the danger of tanning beds…but it never really got to me. Then, all the sudden, it became a widespread issue…and scientific evidence proved that tanning beds were dangerous. My mom even kept nagging me to stop tanning, but I told myself that if I only went two times a week, it wasn’t that bad. I had a serious addiction to it, and hardly any amount of a cancer threat could stop me from tanning. But something started to ‘click’, and every time I would lay in that tanning bed, I would start to feel anxious. I started thinking “what if…I got cancer from tanning?” “would I know it immediately?” “would it be really bad, would it spread?” Yes those thoughts started to overwhelm my mind, and I finally got to a place where I decided my life was way more important that a “healthy” glow…which is ironic in itself, because any “glow” you get from a tanning bed is not healthy! Don’t get me wrong, I still soak up the (real) sun…but I do wear at least SOME spf. As a lifeguard, I don’t have much choice but to love the sun, but I have become much more careful and responsible about my suntan habits.

So what’s a girl to do to achieve that bronze glow at any time during the year? Well, faux tanners work well, as long as you use the right ones! Some turn you orange, and others streak really bad. I’ve wasted plenty of money over the years with these…and even had spray-on tans done in the past for weddings/parties. Those usually looked natural, except they didn’t always wear off evenly. But I’ve finally found some instant tanners that I like and don’t turn my body orange. The first is one that I actually caught on sale at Victoria’s Secret during the Semi-Annual Sale in January.  Its from the Beach Sexy Collection, Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion with Tint. The bottle I have looks slightly different than this one does, but I’m pretty sure its just a new design.

I only use the self-tanner about once a week or so…I like a subtle glow, but I don’t want to look unnaturally tan. I like to put on lotion after a shower so my skin isn’t dry, so I use Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer. I know some people think it makes their skin have an orangish tint, but I don’t really notice it on my skin. In fact, its really subtle, especially if you don’t use it every day. But I really like the firming part as well…it really smooths your skin too.

Finally, Jergens has also made a Healthy Complexion Facial Moisturizer, which I really love. I have to use facial moisturizer before putting on makeup because my skin gets sooo dry in the winter! I love this because it adds a little glow to your face without causing your face to suddenly become a different shade. ha ha. That is always my fear about putting instant tanner on my face…so this is a good alternative. Its very subtle and isn’t going to turn your face orange or anything!

Well Spring Break is right around the corner, ya’ll…better start bronzing…in a healthy way ;)