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Lots to be thankful for!

26 Nov

Woke up this morning at 6:30 to run in the VA Beach Turkey Trot 10k…it’s a good race and everyone is really nice–the runners, the volunteers, the spectators. It’s not too long of a distance, but its long enough to feel like you burned off part of the Thanksgiving dinner you’re about to partake in! :) My lovely Mama and Daddy went with me to the race, then I got my Starbucks coffee fix (it’s a bad expensive┬áhabit!) and did a little shopping for Christmas decorations. Speaking of decorations, we decorated almost the whole house yesterday…only things left are wreaths on the windows, a live tree with old-fashioned decorations for the dining room, and of course lots and lots of holiday baking! One of my favorite pastimes :)

Right now, I’m about to go have a wonderful dinner with my favorite family members…I love spending time with alllll my family (and I have a LOT of family!). I was thinking about things I am thankful for, and I have quite a lot. Here’s a few that are most important:

1) All of my favorite people–my parents, especially! All of my family, my beyond amazing boyfriend, and my best friends and everyone else who makes my life so special :)

2) A warm, safe house to come home to every day…so many people are without, and I just wish I could do more to help them avoid homelessness.

3) The jobs that my parents currently have…they have stable careers which is a blessing considering how many people have lost their jobs. I have numerous relatives and family friends who have lost their jobs in the past few months, so I know its a terrible feeling.

4) Being able to attend college, and earn my degree in 6 more months. Let’s face it, college is expensive, and its not easy for my family to afford it either but they know an education is priceless and definitely worth the $$$…and worth the time for me!

5) Being healthy and having the ability to run, which is my favorite thing to do. I seriously don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t run. It really helps create a balance in my life, like yoga does for some people. Running the 10k this morning made me realize how thankful I am!

6)Finally, I couldn’t skip one thing I’m always thankful for…Starbucks! Yes it’s sounds bad, diva-ish maybe? But I appreciate a nice strong cup of coffee every single day, and it helps me get through my day and stay caffeinated throughout the day. Caffeine addict?!

These shoes inspire me to run everyday :)



So close to the holidays :)

21 Nov

It’s finally the week of Thanksgiving…which means decorating for Christmas! For some reason, when I woke up this morning I really wanted to start decorating, but it’ll have to wait ’til at least Tuesday! I feel fairly accomplished, as I made myself stay home last night and work on my first term paper (out of four!!!) due very soon. The past few days I’ve noticed I get more done when I’m watching Christmas movies or listening to holiday music…I think it really does remind me that the semester is soooo very close to being over!

Now I’m getting ready to go to Norfolk for the Grand Illumination parade. Interestingly, I have never been to this parade a single time, even though I have lived in Hampton Roads all my life! I have watched it on TV plenty of times, but I think being there will actually get me pumped for Christmas! It is supposed to be a gorgeous evening, and my boyfriend and I are going to see a few high school friends that I rarely see a little later on tonight. Should be fun!


Busy busy!

19 Nov

This week has flown by…I have been sooo busy though! I am convinced that professors LOVE to make students work their butts off right before a holiday!!! I have gotten a lot done, and there are two more days of classes before Thanksgiving break! I can’t wait…I am looking forward to relaxing with family, running the 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, and going to Charlotte, NC for TSO! Lots of good things ahead to look forward to :) Not to mention Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving! I don’t do the “Black Friday” shopping…it would make me go CRAZY dealing with the crowds! I am sooo excited for Christmas and shopping for presents, though! I have been totally surprised at how early stores decorated for Christmas and how early Christmas music and TV commercials are being played! I guess I just never noticed it before? I think it’s a bit early…I do like to enjoy Thanksgiving, too! But I must say I’m a total hypocrite, as I have started Christmas shopping and have even listened to some Christmas music while writing papers! ha ha :) Oh well…the music makes me get my work done, as it reminds me how soon the holidays will be here and how soon classes will be DONE!


Feels like the holidays…

5 Nov

I think the Starbucks holiday cups did me in. It feels like Christmastime already, and its not even Thanksgiving yet!!! I love the Fall–Halloween, Thanksgiving, all of it. So I’m trying to not get completely in Christmas mode. But I am definitely guilty of listening to Christmas music already…haha! And I’m soooo excited for my Mom’s 50th coming up next weekend. I love party planning…for any holiday or event. I really hope this party remains a surprise and it goes as planned!!! Unfortunately I can’t be in the middle of getting things together the “day of” because I am taking my mom shopping to get her out of the house. So I’m leaving all of my planning/organizing/decorating in the hands of my Dad, boyfriend, and my Aunt (Mom’s sister). I REALLY hope they can do this, and make it pretty. I’m very certain that I’ll have created a detailed list of what should be done and when and how, by the time next Saturday gets here! That’s just how I am…and this party is my “child” so I want it to go smoothly. haha…not to mention I am a complete control freak AND perfectionist!

I’m trying to throw some cute ideas together for decorations and things like that…I decided I would go through and find some good pictures of my mom at various ages and make a pretty collage. There will also be TONS of balloons and hopefully some pretty flowers…we’re trying to go easy on the “Over the Hill” decor, as my mom is totally turned off by that. I want it to be a nice party, too, so I’m not going for the all-black theme!

Time to get back to planning ;)