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Newfound Optimism

23 Mar

I think my long weekend at home really helped me de-stress! I was sooo overwhelmed last Thursday when I decided to skip classes and drive home earlier than planned. It turns out that I didn’t really miss anything in class and I got almost 8 pages written on one of my papers over the weekend…in addition to: laying out and getting a tan 2 days in a row, spending time with the fam & the boy, and running a wonderful half marathon on Sunday, my best yet! ;) I have felt sooo great ever since the half…not sore or anything. I did yoga yesterday just to stretch, and today I ran 6 miles of intervals! I’m feeling so good…looks like a great time to start marathon training! ha ha

I drove back to school Monday morning and made it back just in time to make a stop at Starbucks (caffeine was necessary), find a place to park, and walk to class. After running a few errands, I finally made it back to the house and unpacked (I always bring WAY too much stuff!), and wrote a paper that was due today…yeah, nothing like waiting ’til the last minute! I still have to finish the paper I worked on at home…I need about 2 more pages…and then write another paper. Both are due Thursday. Yikes. Did I mention I have an exam tomorrow? Yeah, I should probably go study… ;)

I’ll leave you with a picture of an adorable gift I got in the mail today…Kirby over at GoodGals, Inc sent me a “Red” themed gift basket…because I won her Bachelor-themed contest! I correctly guessed the number of times that the word Jake would be said on the finale…don’t ask me HOW I managed to do that, but I did! Thanks, Kirby…I love the gift basket…so cute!

Sorry the crappy phone picture doesn’t do it any justice…haha



Fabulous Friday

15 Jan

Today has been so great…my mom surprised me with a 90-minute hot stone massage appointment this morning…it was lovely. I needed that massage after all of my serious workouts & running lately! Wouldn’t it be nice to do that every Friday…or at least monthly? :)

So after my massage…which ended up taking about 2 hours total…I had errands to run…and a Starbucks stop to make! Their Iced Green Tea is fab! Later this afternoon, my boyfriend called me on his way home from class…which I’ll admit is rare because we text like maniacs…ha ha. He was just chatting away and for some reason that wasn’t suspicious to me…anyways, he told me he was in my driveway, which I absolutely didn’t believe. Sure enough, he was in my driveway…and got out of his car with a dozen roses for me :) They were a anniversary/going away surprise, since I’m leaving to go back to VT for my last semester. Which I should mention is 5 hours away from home and my love…and even though we’ve been through this many times, its never easy! I HATE being away from him and my family, too. We’re all super-close and its just hard to be living so far away. However I’m pretty sure I’ll be just as far or farther away when I go to law school…wherever that may be! But for now…only a little over 4 months until graduation :)

This afternoon I decided I would get in at least one more run at home in my neighborhood…I love running here and would choose running outdoors over on a treadmill almost always. However, I am not a fan of running outside at VT, partly because its so bitterly cold in the winter/early spring and because its verrrry hilly. So that’s what I get to look forward to the next few months…ha. Luckily there is an indoor track at the awesome Rec Center, so I’m sure I’ll be using that quite a bit!

Pretty sunset on my run ;)

Tomorrow I’m going to an info session/tour of a law school that I am interested in, so that should be interesting. What should be even more interesting is attempting to make it there through all of the traffic…the governor’s inauguration happens to be tomorrow right in the middle of the capital city, during the law school visit…this could be an epic FAIL. Hopefully it won’t be that bad, though :)


Found a new thing to add to my workout!

9 Jan

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to take a hot yoga class today…yet I signed up for the 90 minute class and ignored the “beginner’s classes.” I have taken yoga for about four years off and on, and know pretty much all of the poses, so I wasn’t too worried about being lost during the class. So I woke up bright and early this morning to drive to Norfolk…it sucks that you have to drive like 30-45 minutes to get to anything from my house, but I can’t complain too much! I love living in the country ;)

The guidelines that I found on the yoga studio’s website, found HERE, said you shouldn’t eat much before practicing yoga, so I just had a little yogurt with some dried cranberries mixed in…and I drank a large glass of water…and a cup of coffee (I couldn’t resist!). Once I got to the studio, the instructor for the 90 minute class showed me around the studio, which is VERY nice by the way! She told me how the class is taught and said that occasionally the heat (did I mention its 105 degrees?!) can make you feel a little overwhelmed, but instead of leaving the room, you should just go into Child’s Pose. We started off the class with breathing exercises and Sun Salutations, then moved on to balance poses and stretching and a few core strengthening poses before final relaxation. In the 90 minute class you do 2 sets of each pose, unlike the 60 minute class in which you only do one set. I should mention that after the first 10 minutes, my heart was pounding like I had been running for a while! I might have built up so much endurance with running and Spinning, but this hot yoga is another story. It almost kicked my butt! When we finally went into final relaxation, the instructor gave everyone a ice cold hand towel that was infused with…lavender…I think. Afterwards, I felt so refreshed…and soooo sweaty! I’ve never sweated so much in one workout before…felt so good! I foresee myself attempting hot yoga at least once a week from now on in between my other workouts! ;)


Crossing things off my to-do list ;)

6 Jan

So I finally perfected my personal statement for law school admission…I have done almost everything on my applications, so now its about time to submit them! It’s an exciting and nervous feeling…I feel accomplished at getting this far, but nervous that everything I have done is not good enough. We shall see!

I still have about a week & a half before my last semester of college begins…I can’t believe I’m about to become a college grad! I think I’m ready though. I have been waiting for many years to finally be able to attend law school, so lets just hope everything will work out! A family friend that was in Spin class at the gym yesterday was telling me that his daughter is in law school in Charlotte, NC right now, and it sounds like she’s having the time of her life. I have heard only good things about this law school and I intend to apply there! Many of the schools that I am looking at are in North Carolina…I am convinced they just have more schools than Virginia does….haha. Maybe not, but the ones in good ol’ VA just don’t seem to suit me as well. I haven’t mentioned the other schools that I’m applying to as much, because I think family & friends don’t want to hear about them…they’re in California (which would be my dream!), New York, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. So pretty much all East Coast except for CA. I am open to attending any schools in these states really…I think it would be fun to go out on my own and have a new experience. I have not lived outside the state of VA in all of my life, but it is highly likely that I will not be living here once I am working. I plan practice law in a big(ger) city…so may as well practice living away from “home” (VA) now ;)


The end is in sight :)

8 Dec

As I was driving to Norfolk on Monday for classes, I realized that it was the last Monday morning I’ll drive to ODU for classes. It’s bittersweet actually. I started out the semester out of my comfort zone, commuting to a new university, away from my home of Virginia Tech. It was very different. For one, living at home. And driving 45 minutes to class (on a GOOD day with no traffic…however, it was more like 60 minutes when there was traffic). But regardless, I believe I grew up a lot this semester. I treated school more like a career, rather than dragging myself to class just because. I truly enjoyed every one of my classes, and I feel like my professors were so knowledgeable and personable, much more so than professors I had while at Tech. Granted, I still know many Tech professors who are excellent people. While it was always supposed to be for only one semester, I would probably have considered staying at ODU if it were not for me graduating early from Tech in May 2010. I knew that if I remained at ODU, I would have to go to school for one more year in order to complete all of their “core classes” before graduating. So, I will be back at Tech in the Spring…hopefully it will be a good semester and I’ll be able to fully enjoy my last few months in Blacksburg!

So I’m nearing the end of my ODU career, and I truly believe that it was one of my favorite semesters of college, if not the favorite. My grades have reflected how much I enjoyed all of my classes, as well as how focused I was during the semester. Okay, okay…I know most of my friends think that I enjoyed ODU because my boyfriend also attends there, but actually we did not see each other that often around school. Okay, maybe once or twice a day…haha. Yes, I was very blessed to be able to see him on a regular basis, unlike last year being at Tech. We only saw each other a few weekends during the semesters, and it was a challenging long-distance relationship. However, we  learned that it is possible and it makes each time we’re together that much more special! Now, just one more semester apart…then summer…and then probably even FARTHER apart while I’m in law school…but it’s going to be fine :)

Now…Christmas is almost hereeeee! :) That is enough to make my life seem perfect right about now, even with all the papers I’ve been writing lately. I think I’ll be sooo tired of my laptop by the time this semester ends! On Sunday, I went with my family and my boyfriend to Williamsburg, VA for the Grand Illumination. It is a tradition in my family, and its such a wonderful night to get everyone in the Christmas spirit! First off, I am a sucker for colonial history, and since we live nearby Williamburg, I’ve been there more times than I can count. By the way, they have AWESOME outlet stores if you’re ever in the area! :) Anyways, the Grand Illumination is so great and its old-fashioned, so you get to enjoy the hot cider, fresh gingerbread, and the warm fires burning in front of the historic buildings. All at once, the “lighting” of the town occurs, which is basically candles that are lit in all the windows downtown. Right after, there is a magnificent fireworks show that is better than any other I’ve seen. They have some of the most unique fireworks, too. This year did not disappoint, either. The weather was perfect and just cold enough…it felt like the holidays were finally upon us! People were walking around singing Christmas carols, and had it not been for the abundance of cell phones attached to people’s ears(!), it would have seemed like we were living in the past. I highly recommend making a trip to see it next year! :)

Speaking of Christmas…I’ve done NO shopping!!! I feel like December is already going by so quickly, and I’m still sitting home doing work pretty much all the time. Ahhh…just til Friday. Have to keep reminding myself! I cannot wait until the holiday parties begin…two of them are only a week and a half away, so that’s exciting! Shopping and cookie-baking are definitely in order very soon…can’t wait! :)