Never take life for granted…

18 Oct

Well, today was one of those dreary, cold days that reminded me that the holiday season is right around the corner. As depressing as the rain and cold may be for some, it makes me feel warm and cozy being in my house on these types of days. Well, at least somewhat warm…I did my Sunday ritual–long run every Sunday afternoon. Little did I know it would begin to rain 4 miles in! Let’s just say I took a steaming hot shower when I got home!

I say never take life for granted, because I have seen so many tragic events unfold in my 20 years…quite a few in the past few years amongst friends and even family. I learned today that a friend was in an accident and is expected to be permanently paralyzed, granted he survives. I will definitely keep him in my prayers,  as I know that God can work miracles! I am trying to take my own advice and not take life for granted…that’s why I often find myself enjoying the ‘little things’ in life.

Speaking of the little things that make me happy, I made a Starbucks run tonight with my Dad to start planning for my Mom’s 50th birthday. So far, it sounds like it is going to work out seamlessly…let’s just hope no one spoils the surprise! We shall see…there is a month to go! I love party planning, so I am totally in to this already…so much for all that studying I was supposed to be doing this semester! Oh well…you have to savor the little moments! :)


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